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Let’s not fool ourselves!

The repeated commission by the government of acts that, contrary to its obligation to properly govern the public, rob it of such trust is bound to jeopardize the interests of a nation and its people.

Erosion of public trust in government spells trouble for nation!

The erosion of public trust in the government gives rise to the kind of bloody unrest that roiled Ethiopia for the best part of 2016. The government’s abject failure to listen to the public, which it admits to be the ultimate repository of power, seriously jeopardized its tenure and subjected the country to a horrifying destruction.

Guarding against becoming a pariah state for investors!

Ethiopia is a country which is blessed on many fronts. A nation of some 100 million people, Ethiopia has a unique and rich history and offers untapped resources, a vast domestic market, countless tourist attractions and a large, young workforce that can do wonders under the right conditions.

What does love of country really mean?

Love of country is a notion that Ethiopians need to deeply examine and truly grasp. Love of country elicits a particularly emotional response when it is expressed in songs, theatres or moviesand other art forms.