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The German perspective

Brita Wagener is the new German Ambassador to Ethiopia. She arrived in Addis Ababa a month ago after the passing of her late colleague Ambassador Joachim Schmidt. Wagener came directly from New York where she was a consul general.

First steps

Vital events registration in Ethiopia In 2011, only seven percent of Ethiopian children under the age of five were registered at birth. With no proof of age or identity, children do not have the minimal protection needed against child marriage, child labor, trafficking or detention and prosecution as an adult.

Robust amid turbulence

In a very dynamic and turbulent global airline industry Ethiopian Airlines has managed to grow fast in the past ten years. Volatile oil price, terrorism, conflict and epidemic out break are the biggest challenges facing airlines.

The decorated educator

Sydney Chaffee was recently named the 2017 national teacher of the year by the Council of Chief State School Officers. A teacher in humanities, history and literature, she is a noted teacher from the Codman Academy Charter Public School in Boston.

Underrated local elections

Zemelak Ayitenew (PhD) is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Federal Studies, Addis Ababa University, and Extraordinary Associate Professor at Dullah Omar Institute, University of the Western Cape.

From Addis to Hollywood

Alberto Frezza is a noted actor of Italian ancestry but grew up in Ethiopia. He has been in a number of TV series including Dead of Summer and in films such as Born to Race, Angel Falls in Love and the Battle Force.

The progress on MDGs, SDGs

Haddis Desta Tadesse is the director for Ethiopia and the African Union (AU) at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where he leads the team which oversees partnerships across the region and investments in Ethiopia’s agricultural development, health, financial services, water and sanitation, nutrition and emergency relief by managing programs and building diplomatic relations with key partners and stakeholders, including governments, AU and UN officials, donors, private sector decision-makers, NGOs and members of the press.