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Mainstreaming of interior design

With the Capital’s growing appetite for innovation and commercialization, the interior design industry has exploded in popularity in recent years. Property developers and professionals have started showing genuine interest in the way buildings are designed, accessorised and marketed; and if there is one thing that the market is saying, it is that the future belongs to interior design.

Green art

What do these three things have in common: an old baby shoe, a cow horn and a computer monitor? Well, they all have been used to make an innovative garden art in one of the forgotten corners of the capital.

Indulging the Taste Buds

It’s Tuesday Wanderlust at La Lyonnaise, a cozy French Bistro located around Bole, few meters away from Sheger Building and dozens gather to eat tortilla española and salad. La Lyonnaise hosts these weekly nights serving a distinctive dish from a certain country and immersing customers in that country’s culture for a few hours. Tuesday’s Spain themed night was no different.

A new lifestyle, healthy living in Addis

A few years ago, meeting up with friends for colourful concoctions at the juice bar for lunch, joining a nearby dance class after work, meditating with a beautiful view of the sunset, going out for an evening walk, or seeking help of a professional for weight loss programs were the activities of a handful of people.

Friendly beasts

Night has just fallen in the ancient, walled-city of Harar and “the children” are being called to get food. One by one, they approach Abas Yusuf, climb onto his shoulders and nuzzle in his lap.

In touch with local traditions

Spending the holidays away from home can be one of the most difficult aspects of long-term travel. Whether people are religious or not, the holidays are a time for tradition and family togetherness.

The Peace Corps experience

When the Peace Corps was founded, the statement used to indorse the idea was that it was intended to promote world peace and friendship through volunteers, who would offer their services even through hardship.