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Putting FDI on the G20 agenda

With the right controls, foreign direct investment can be a reliable source of external finance to help countries meet their economic goals.

Can higher government wages reduce corruption?

Corruption is one of the most critical social and political ills facing the ever-growing international world. It is an ill that both prosperous and poverty-stricken countries combat to eradicate to little success.

Fostering youth skills development

The Youth Skills Championship aims at bringing together a large number of participants in diversified fields. In addition, the competitions aim at creating awareness and promote vocational skills, writes Bekele Matewos

My take on the event at the Millennium Hall

Every expert should specialize in what he/she is well qualified in. ‘You can’t be a Jack of all trades’, not to end up as a ‘master of none’. One singer, who was on stage at an event that was held at the Millennium Hall on Sunday July 15, completely deviated from the theme: Unity, Love and Reconciliation.

Unemployment in Ethiopia: socio-political implications

Unemployment is an economic plague, and even the most advanced and economically thriving countries face difficulties promoting job creation and growth. Needless to say, the least developed countries often have the highest rates of unemployment, when a quarter or one-third of active adult population does not have a regular job.