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Local solutions for global problems

More than half of the world's population now lives in urban areas, but national governments continue to monopolize efforts to solve the most pressing global challenges.

Education saved my life

The world is in the midst of an education crisis, as half of the planet’s young people are failing to learn the basic skills needed to secure a more prosperous future.

The cost of child marriage

Development experts have always measured the human costs of early marriage, but new data are shedding light on the practice's economic impact.

Value-added services and maximizing export earnings

Ethiopia is one of the strategically important countries in Africa It is also one of the most rapidly developing African country that display an inimitable business and international trade potential. Ethiopia is well-known to the world for its coffee and flowers.

Remembering Professor Abiy Ford

Abiy, a genuine boy scout buddy, throughout his life was there to help junior faculty as newcomers, as well as undergraduate and graduate students to learn and enrich their lives as advocates of Ethiopia and Pan African ideas and ideals in the Diaspora.

The road to a TB-free world

Despite being preventable and curable, tuberculosis infects more than ten million people each year and is the most common cause of death by an infectious agent in modern times.