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Gulf-Horn geopolitics: the new frontier

The Horn Region is increasingly seen as an important strategic asset by regional and international powers. This has resulted in its becoming a key battle front in this balancing game for political influences played out by several regional actors including the ones in the Middle East; the most prominent amongst them have been Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Families of mob-attack victims fear for safety

The families of Fitsum Mehari and Haftu Hagezom, victims of the Wollega mob attack a week ago, expressed their concern for their safety following the brutal killings of the two individuals by a mob in Eastern Wollega Zone, The Reporter has learnt.

Irish extend support to IDPs

​​​​​​​Known for its charity gesture in Ethiopia through Sir Bob Geldof’s Live Aid in the mid 1980’s, the Government of Ireland via its overseas assistance agency, Irish Aid has partnered with Torcaire, the Irish Catholic Church charity to donate goods worth 500 thousand Euros for the internally displaced people in Moyale. 

EDP vows to strengthen its peaceful struggle

The Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), which was in an internal strife due to differences within the leadership of the party for the past one year, reaffirmed its commitment to continue its peaceful struggle for the realization of a democratic political system in the country.

Bomb attack suspects to be charged

The Federal Attorney General has been given seven days for formally instituting charges on nine suspects of bomb attack at a rally that was held at Meskel Square in support of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) on June 23, 2018. One out of the nine, Tilahun Getachew, is suspected of throwing the bomb while Berhanu Jafar is alleged to have carried the bomb for the former.

Navigating the kinks of Ethiopia’s federalism

Last week, reports of a major unrest and an orchestrated attack on non-Somalis residing in the Ethio-Somali Regional State started to leak out on Saturday. In a matter of hours, non-Somali residents in Jigjiga were scrambling for cover from what was said to be an organized assault on their lives and property.