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Blue to sue city administration

Blue to sue city administration

  • Appeals to the PM and the Mayor

Semayawi Party a.k.a. Blue Party (Blue) is finalizing all the necessary documents and evidences to sue the Addis Ababa City Administration because the latter halted the party’s plan to organize a public demonstration at Meskel Square tomorrow morning, Getaneh Balcha, Deputy Chairperson of the Party told The Reporter.

The party also appealed to Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn, Speaker of the House of People’s Representative, Abadula Gemeda, and Speaker of the House of Federation, Yalew Abate, and Mayor of the Addis Ababa, Diriba Kuma, to intervene in the matter, the deputy chairperson added.

The party revealed its plans to sue the city administration in a joint press conference with All Ethiopian Union Party (AEUP) on Thursday held at the head office of the AEUP located off Tewodros Square.

The party decided to take its case to the court following the decision of the city administration to deny the party’s request to organize a public demonstration to express its concern over the recent border conflict between Oromia and Somali regional state and other problems in the city.

According to the deputy chairperson of the party, Blue was planning to organize the demonstration before couple of weeks, however, the timing overlapped with the celebration of the Meskel and Irrecha festivities; and hence with the collaboration of the officials of the city administration the party agreed to postponed the demonstration.

Though the party has agreed to postpone the demonstration and wait for the day, the agreement was sealed verbally with the officials of the city administration. After the conclusions of the aforementioned celebrations, the official at the city administration told the party officials that the city is currently beyond its capacity while Getaneh as well mentioned this fact during the press conference.

Following the denial of permission, apart from suing the city administration, the deputy chairperson said that the party would continue on its plan and would conduct the demonstration in the coming weeks.

Established in 2012, Semayawi Party is an opposition political party that operates throughout the country and was one of the major contenders in the 2010 national elections. The ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and its affiliates won hundred percent of parliamentary seats.