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USAID 60 mln program to improve lives in Ethiopia

USAID 60 mln program to improve lives in Ethiopia

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), CARE Ethiopia and Catholic Relief Services and the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources launched a USD 60 million dollars program that will assist poor households in the rural highlands of Ethiopia to diversify their livelihoods and graduate from the Ethiopian Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP).

The program that is to be implemented in 36 woredas in the Tigray, Oromia, Southern and Amhara regions is expected to reach close to 130,000 households.

The program dubbed “Livelihoods for Resilience” works to support the livelihood component of the PSNP which is at its fourth phase now.

According to the presser that USAID sent to The Reporter, the program will support households currently enrolled in PSNP 4 to improve their livelihoods through business skill and financial literacy trainings and ensuring microfinance access and quality agricultural supplies.

“Some of these households are headed by females. We will be working with these women to teach them new skills, help them to manage money, and build their confidence. Eventually, this means that they will be able to obtain loans to successfully start their own small business and then pay those loans back. This brings independence,” said USAID/Ethiopia Mission Director, Leslie Reed, during the launching.

Livelihoods for Resilience is one of the Feed the Future Activities in Ethiopia.