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The bias toward the bottom

It is highly inconvenient to acknowledge what is happening in the environment. That awareness runs counter to what we have been taught – and what we expect and want from our lives.

Misguided accusation by the aging war veterans

Our Tigrayan compatriots co-exist and inter-marry more with the Amharas than any other ethnic group  in this part of the country, not only because of the geographical proximity of their respective regions, but also due to the social and religious cohesion mutually enjoyed by the two neighboring and friendly communities, writes Merhatsidk Mekonnen Abayneh.

Responsible arms transfer

The Arms Trade Treaty makes it harder to trade in arms than it is to trade in other goods which the international community has long regulated.

Abiy Ahmed: the bridge builder

Unreasonable men tend to build a wall separating mothers and fathers from their children, wives from their husbands, brothers and sisters from each other. 

The politics of now

The mind can objectively study history of the past and present it to the mind of the now. This helps think and plan for a new future with confidence. This happens when the mind carries out its natural function: thinking, writes Getachew Tamiru.