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Accelerating Africa’s energy transition

Rebalancing Africa’s energy mix to include greener forms of power is an environmental and economic imperative. But the most efficient way for Africa to move away from fossil fuels will be to recognize that the oil sector still has a vital role to play in Africa’s energy future, writes Charlotte Aubin.

Making journalism great again

So long as social media companies optimize for advertising revenue, their algorithms will tend to reward the extremes, and reputable news organizations will waste valuable resources battling disinformation.

Farmer education and community action are key to combating the fall armyworm in Eastern Africa

In the past few decades, we have witnessed significant economic and political changes in Eastern Africa, which have substantially improved the living conditions of millions of rural communities, whose life is heavily dependent on agriculture. While appreciating this positive change, we are still striving to tackle existing and emerging challenges. Fall armyworm is one of these challenges, which is jeopardizing the lives of millions of people in the sub region.

Africa’s battle against malnutrition can be won

The battle against malnutrition in Africa can be won. We know this because several African countries have already reduced malnutrition by 40-60 percent in the last 15 years. Senegal, Ghana and Rwanda have cut the number of undernourished people and wasted and stunted children by more than half.