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“An already dire situation”: Post-war landscape and political dynamics in Tigray

Alula Hailu Nega assumed the presidency of the Salsay Weyane Tigray (SAWET) party on December 11, 2023, following a two-day general assembly held in...

Lab to farm: the ins and outs of GMO adoption in Ethiopia

TadesseDaba (PhD) is lead research and national coordinator at the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB-Eth), under the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research. Tadesse...

“It’s not a question of politics”: the state of UK development financing

Chirs Chijiutomi serves as the managing director of British International Investment (BII), a UK development finance institution present in Ethiopia since the 1970s. BII...

“The people are so resilient in this country. I’m impressed”

Ms. Ito Takako, Ambassador of Japan to Ethiopia Her arrival in Ethiopia coincides with a brutal war in northern Ethiopia in November 2020. The day...

Charting a conservative course

Enat Party questions motives behind key issue Seifeselassie Ayalew (PhD) is a distinguished economist with a wealth of experience in both the public and private...

Overseeing policy gearshift in refugee protection

Senay Terefe, is Senior Protection Coordinator at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Regional Bureau for East and Horn of Africa, and the...
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A future found in freedom: Expression and transitional justice reshape a nation

Elsabet Samuel (PhD) is a distinguished expert in media development and human rights, currently serving as an independent consultant and researcher. Her expertise encompasses...

A tale of two capitals

In a wide-ranging discussion, Belgium’s Ambassador discussed efforts to deepen partnerships with Ethiopia through expanded university programs and cultural exchanges. He emphasized the need for open dialogue to confront challenges and argued geopolitical talks in Addis could enhance understanding between global allies.

Meat export woes: Livestock realities threaten meat export success

Kelifa Hussein, the CEO of Allana Group Ethiopia, is at the helm of two export abattoirs operating within the country. Frigorifico Boran Foods Plc...
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Harnessing hope for change

Yared H/Meskel, managing director of YHM Consulting, brings a wealth of expertise in investment advisory services and provides a nurturing platform for young developers...

Insuring Africa’s growth, de-risking the development path

ATIDI is a pan-African organization that insures investments against unforeseen political decisions. It is different from traditional insurance companies in that it does not insure personal property or casualty. ATIDI's clients are typically banks and investors, and its products are designed to mitigate political risk.

On the frontlines of the migration crisis

Bruce Orina has faced many challenges over his 25 years working with migrants, but witnessing families reconnect made all the struggles worthwhile. As head of the ICRC office in Ethiopia, he worked tirelessly to help migrants stay connected to loved ones and advocated for their rights on the global stage.
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Aspirations and Apprehensions

With hearts filled with joy, Ethiopians unite to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, embracing precious moments of togetherness and camaraderie. As the...

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