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Harnessing hope for change

Yared H/Meskel, managing director of YHM Consulting, brings a wealth of expertise in investment advisory services and provides a nurturing platform for young developers...

Insuring Africa’s growth, de-risking the development path

ATIDI is a pan-African organization that insures investments against unforeseen political decisions. It is different from traditional insurance companies in that it does not insure personal property or casualty. ATIDI's clients are typically banks and investors, and its products are designed to mitigate political risk.

On the frontlines of the migration crisis

Bruce Orina has faced many challenges over his 25 years working with migrants, but witnessing families reconnect made all the struggles worthwhile. As head of the ICRC office in Ethiopia, he worked tirelessly to help migrants stay connected to loved ones and advocated for their rights on the global stage.


William Roos is the French Treasury's Assistant Secretary for Multilateral, Development, and Trade Affairs. He is also co-chair of the Paris Club, a group...


Born and raised in Gonder, Sewmehon Yismaw has been fascinated by movies ever since he was a kid. He began his career as a...

Unpacking the Ethiopian Economy Dilemma

Mussie Delelegn (Ph.D.) is the Acting Head, Productive Capacities and Sustainable Development Branch, Division for Africa, LDCS and Special Programmes at United Nations Conference...
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“Reconciliation is a generational exercise”

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) established a Transitional Justice Working Group of Experts to work on the policy-making process for Ethiopia’s transitional justice. The...

“Reconciliation matters”

Jiri Kozák is the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic. The diplomat, 47, is a graduate of political science from the Faculty of...

Examining the progress of the much cherished free trade deal

Steven Karingi is the UN Economic Commission for Africa's director of regional integration and commerce. He previously worked as a Senior Analyst and Head...
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” Ethiopia has been extremely generous in receiving refugees”

One of the recent tragic events in the Horn of Africa is a conflict that has been raging in neighboring Somaliland since the beginning...

Speaking of Adwa

Many Ethiopians hold a special place in their hearts for the Adwa Celebration. Notwithstanding differences of opinion on various political matters, the celebration of...

“We are buffer zone for Ethiopia”

Essa Kayd Mohamoud is the foreign minister of Somaliland, a de-facto state that has yet to be recognized by the international community, including the...
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“Ethiopia isn’t yet the energy powerhouse of Africa”

Mikael Alemu was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. His father is Ethiopian, while his mother is Russian. The 52-year-old has over 30 years...

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