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“An already dire situation”: Post-war landscape and political dynamics in Tigray

Alula Hailu Nega assumed the presidency of the Salsay Weyane Tigray (SAWET) party on December 11, 2023, following a two-day general assembly held in...

Lab to farm: the ins and outs of GMO adoption in Ethiopia

TadesseDaba (PhD) is lead research and national coordinator at the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB-Eth), under the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research. Tadesse...

“It’s not a question of politics”: the state of UK development financing

Chirs Chijiutomi serves as the managing director of British International Investment (BII), a UK development finance institution present in Ethiopia since the 1970s. BII...

In wake of rising tensions, advocate demands action

Befeqadu Hailu explored the prevalent issues of human rights violations in Ethiopia and the obstacles to advocacy in his role as a human rights activist. However, since the political transition in 2018, the situation has become increasingly complex with ongoing conflicts in many parts of the country resulting in continued violations.

Ethiopia’s path to fiscal sustainability

Discussing the issue of unrestrained spending across levels of government, Yakob emphasized the importance of fiscal discipline. Stronger oversight was noted, though fully resolving this will take robust democratic systems to impartially enforce rules to prevent misuse of funds and ensure they are used efficiently.

Resolving rifts, bringing Ethiopians together

Ethiopia's National Dialogue Commission has struggled with conflicts blocking engagement in some regions. Member Yonas Adaye remains hopeful of success but emphasizes societal cooperation is needed to resolve disputes.
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Ethiopia’s rocky road to peace

Despite political changes, Ethiopia struggles with conflict and instability due to the government's inability to resolve long-standing political issues and curb repression, while traditional elites often align with the ruling party instead of advocating for the people. The media and government have also failed to give proper priority to extreme poverty, a major human rights violation in Ethiopia.

Is Ethiopia Volkswagen’s next destination?

Martina Biene of Volkswagen sees "huge potential in terms of population, GDP growth, growth aspirations and mobility needs" for the company in Ethiopia. However, Biene noted that Ethiopia "must be considered together with other countries" as VW evaluates potential locations for automotive hubs and assembly plants within the Horn of Africa region.

“For Oromos, nothing has changed”

The Oromo Liberation Front has accomplished its biggest goal of resurrecting Oromo identity and culture from the verge of extinction. What remains now is realizing our political aspirations victoriously, independently or within a unified Ethiopia respecting Oromo voices.
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The state of Ethiopia’s economy: “Not much is happening,” says trade expert

While not opposing Ethiopia's economic reforms, PACCI Executive Director Kebour Ghenna believes the country's privatization push lacks strategic focus, implementation of economic changes has been limited, and Ethiopia lacks the productive capacity to leverage the benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

A Constitution Divided

In an interview with The Reporter, legal scholar Yonas Tesfa argues that Ethiopia's Constitution, which was drafted by the TPLF-dominated EPRDF without broad participation, has become the root cause of the country's instability. Constitutional reform could help, but implementation of constitutionalism is key, along with structural changes to Ethiopia's federal system and rules regarding secession by ethnic groups, according to him.

Finding truth in Tigray

Yemaneh Zereaye chairs the Commission of Inquiry on the Tigray Genocide, formed more than a year ago during the ongoing Tigray War. The Commission...
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Dreams of new horizon crash on rocks of old divisions

The rise and fall of Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (also known as EZEMA) reveals deep divisions within Ethiopia's political landscape— but also...

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