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Enriching lives

Stand-by-me, a charity organization established in the UK, rescues children from around the world and provide care.

Inspiring the next generation

Gebregziabher Gebre is an alumnus of Harvard University. He grew up within SOS Children’s Village in Mekelle after his parents were killed by the drought of 1984. His grandfather, when he was just five months old, transferred him to SOS Children’s Village, in the words of Gebregziabher himself, because he was “too sick and too poor” to raise him and his younger brother.

Spearheading the fight against desert locust in East Africa

Chimimba David Phiri (PhD) is a policy economist and sub-regional coordinator for Eastern Africa and representative to the African Union with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). Before May 2018, Phiri was the Sub-regional Coordinator for the FAO Sub-regional Office for Southern Africa for five years.

Navigating through the storms

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought down the airline industry to its knees. Globally, more than 13,000 aircraft are grounded and many airlines have declared bankruptcy.