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“Ethiopia is very vulnerable”

Bereket Simon, a veteran politician, was former Communications Minister of Ethiopia and Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. He has been a significant force in Ethiopian politics specifically after the ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front took power back in 1991.

Striding to transform hospitality

David Desta is the assistant director of Operations and Business Analytics with Kuriftu Resort. The Cornell University graduate in Hotel Administration reflects with The Reporter’s Samuel Getachew on the highlights of working in the local hospitality industry, on his vision on how local destinations can best be promoted locally and offers his take on how the new leadership of the Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO) can harness their potential.

The advent of virtual shopping 

Getaneh Shambel (ACCA) is the owner of a new online shopping platform that is accessible within the capital. The popular website has made online shopping convenient to hundreds of shoppers.

Fighting tuberculosis: the social disease

Georgia White is the Research and Policy Associate with AIDS-Free World. An experienced social justice advocate, she has a rich experience in areas such as justice, domestic violence and child welfare reforms, most recently having a role in the establishment of Australia’s Royal Commission on family violence.

Moving forward in the fight against AIDS

Anurita Bains is the Regional Adviser for HIV/AIDS, UNICEF Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa. The office oversees programming in 21 African nations, including those in Ethiopia.

“It was wrong to devalue the birr”

Demese Chanyalew (PhD) is an economist who specializes in the agricultural sector. With his 40 years of vast experience in the profession, Demese was able to demonstrate his scholarly works at numerous stages.

Dawn of an oil Era

Tadesse Tilahun is the Chief Executive Officer of National Oil Company (NOC), one of the few and pioneer petroleum importing and distributing companies in Ethiopia. Before founding NOC in 2004 with two other shareholders, Tadesse has accumulated more than 40 years of professional experience in the oil industry.