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Rivalry for Africa

Gedion G. Jalata is one of the few researchers who have broadly studied Chia and its political and economic relations with African countries.

Closer look at Banking and Finance

Abdulmenan Mohammed is a seasoned accountant and well-known commentator in Ethiopian print media. Currently based in the UK, Abdulmenan is works for a premium property management company as an accounts manager.

"The wind of reform will have important reflections on the future of Ethiopia"

Fatih Ulusoy is the outgoing ambassador of Turkey to Ethiopia and the African Union. Mere days before he departs from the capital, he reflects with Samuel Getachew of The Reporter on the highlights of his time in his nations biggest trading partner in the continet, Turkey’s contirbution to Ethiopia and how he envisions the relationship to be as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's scheduled to visit Ethipopia next year. Excerpts:

Nirit Takele presents Flying with Angels at Addis Fine Art

Nirit Takele is an Ethiopian-born Jew who was born and raised in Ethiopia until 1991, when she made Aaliyah – the journey of moving to Israel – alongside 14,000+ Ethiopian Jews, including her family. However, this was no ordinary relocation; they left under a covert operation called ‘Operation Solomon’, led by the Israeli government, with an objective of secretly transporting thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel in a time limit of 35 hours.

Promoting social entrepreneurship

Reach for Change has been operational in Ethiopia since 2015. The group helps develop the local social entrepreneurs find solutions to some of the social issues in the nation.