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The traveler’s perspective

Stephen Estrada served as the director of the United States Diplomacy Center/Museum and Education Center. Involved in a number of Smithsonian institutions in the United States, he was recently in Ethiopia touring historical sites, including Lalibela.

A colossal potash mine project in the making

Yara International is a global fertilizer manufacturing company which has been supplying fertilizer to Ethiopia for years. In 2009 a subsidiary called Yara Dallol BV was established which has been engaged in potash exploration project in the Danakil Depression in the Afar Regional State, northeastern part of Ethiopia.

Celebrating a century old relationship

This year marks a century old diplomatic relationship between Ethiopia and Greece. With Samuel Getachew of The Reporter, the ambassador of Greece, Nikolaos Ch. Patakias reflects on the importance of the relationship, the historic mutual journey of both nations, on supporting Tedros Adhanom’s (PhD) historic attempt to lead the World Health Organization, on why it was a “dream” for him to come to Ethiopia as a representative of Greece. Excerpts:

Forging the Addis-LA bond

Fabiola Vilchez is President and Executive Director of Sister Cities of Los Angeles, Inc. (SCOLA). Vilchez runs this organization in order to forge more diplomatic cooperation platforms with global partners through mutual interest.

Significance of party dialogue

Mushe Semu is the former president of the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), one of the parties that made up the then Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD), which took part in the historic 2005 elections. A banker by profession, Mushe is and had been an active member of the political discourse in Ethiopia for many years.

Looking into Ethiopian agriculture

Micheal Francom is an agricultural counselor and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) liaison to the African Union. He has been in Ethiopia for more than three years following various activities that relate to agriculture.

Preserving A family legacy

Selamawit Samuel is the Vice President of Sunshine Investment, founded by her father Samuel Tafese, a local contractor and business tycoon. Involved in the areas of construction, hospitality and philanthropy, the family run company has been a pioneer on many fronts in Ethiopia.