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Player turned coach

Since joining the first team of St. George FC in 1995, he has played as a midfielder and a fullback until 2003. Well-known for his leadership qualities on and off the field, senior coaches believed he had a bright future in coaching.

Reform is generational

Kristalina Georgieva is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the World Bank since January 2017. Georgieva was also the World Bank Group interim President in the leadership transition of 2019.

“This change happened because Ethiopians demanded it”

Nicholas Barnett is the outgoing press officer at the US Embassy in Addis Ababa. He served in Addis Ababa for the past three years during which he met a lot of people, traveled across the country and learned much about the history, culture and people of Ethiopia.

Telling stories through photography

Martha Tadesse is a humanitarian photographer and photojournalist. A graduate of the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology in Developmental Studies, she consultants a number of local and international NGOs, including UNICEF Ethiopia and uses her craft to advocate for social justice within Ethiopia.

“Boeing is at fault”

In the wake of the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash on March 10, 2019 dozens of American law firms are visiting Addis Ababa and talking to the families of victims of the accident. The law firms are under preparation to sue the aircraft manufacturer, Boeing.

Understanding the UNDP

Louise Chamberlain is the departing resident representative for the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) in Ethiopia, a position she has held since August 2018. Since July 2017, she served as UNDP Ethiopia Country Director. She has witnessed a lot going on in the country during her time in Addis Ababa and she believes the current reforms in Ethiopia are “mind boggling” and “impressive”.