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Alien pest infestation

Ian Chesterman is the Chief of Party for the Feed the Future Ethiopia Value Chain Activity, a program funded by USAID.

Fortifying age-long bond

On the heels of a number of high-profile, historic visits by the members of the Norwegian government and monarchy, Norway’s ambassador to Ethiopia, Andreas Gaarder, reflects with The Reporter’s Samuel Getachew on the long bond between Ethiopia and Norway, on the ideals of the Scandinavian nation in helping change the narrative of Ethiopia, on migration, trade and the “middle power” role his nation is playing in the world. Excerpts:

Politically active

Bezabih Demessie (PhD) is the president of the All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP), one of the major opposition political parties in Ethiopia. He earned his masters and PhD degrees from Russia, in History and Economics.

Promoting financial inclusion

Christophe Litt is the head of the European Investment Bank representative office to Ethiopia and the African Union. On the heels of announcing loans worth millions of euros in Ethiopia, Litt talked to The Reporter’s Samuel Getachew on the mission of the bank, its many activities in the nation, on its recent investment on M-Birr and why it decided to venture into private investment rather than the public investment it have focused on for the last two decades. Excerpt:

The 4th generation entrepreneur

Described by BBC as one of the people who “represent the part of Ethiopian life where dynamism, creativity and an adventurous spirit are allowed to thrive,” Harsh Kothari of Mohan Group of companies is a passionate entrepreneur and charity advocate.

Partnering with the AU

Inge Baumgarten (PhD) is the director of GIZ at the African Union office in the capital. Having arrived to the country late last year, the passionate advocate of education and health reflects with Samuel Getachew of The Reporter on her own career, on the many activities of GIZ in Ethiopia and across the continent and on the reasons why the new Pan African University and on areas of peace and security are worthy investment to make from the perspective of the Government of Germany. Exceprts:

Enterprising social agenda

ince 2015, Farah Ramza Golant has held the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position at Girl Effect, a creative social enterprise launched by Nike Foundation, United Nations Foundation and other multiple partners 12 years ago.

Watchdog role of the press

Kevin Z. Smith has more than two decades of newsroom and teaching experience in journalism when he assumed his new role as deputy director of the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism at The Ohio State University.

Century-old ties

Ambassador Raphael Morav is a career diplomat who has served Israel for the past 30 years on the diplomatic front. He is now assigned to serve as the Israeli ambassador to Ethiopia, Burundi, and Rwanda residing in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia is Morav’s second assignment in the African continent next to Liberia.

Incubating innovators

Markos Lemma is the founder of iceaddis, Ethiopia’s first innovation hub that works with young people to support them realize their entrepreneur dream. According to him, iceaddis is designed to foster innovation, the connection of great minds and help create collaboration. Here he reflects with The Reporter’s Samuel Getachew on his innovative enterprise, its challenges and highlights and reflects on his experience traveling the world and discovering why the world is becoming one big village.