Thursday, September 28, 2023


New standard raises bar for fuel station land-plot requirement to 2,000 sqm

A draft fuel station standard in Ethiopia requires a minimum land area of 2,000 square meters, posing challenges for investors in Addis Ababa. The standard, intended to improve efficiency and combat smuggling, challenges investors in Addis Ababa due to the high cost of land. This calls for a careful balance between promoting growth and ensuring economic viability.

Diplomats, experts debate Ethiopia’s path forward as conflicts exacerbate societal fractures

Last Thursday saw a milestone event at the Sheraton Addis Hotel. For the first time in decades, diplomats and scholars convened to discuss the...

Burhan warns Sudan war could engulf broader region if not contained

Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, President of Sudan’s Transitional Sovereign Council, warned the UN General Assembly that the ongoing five-month conflict in Sudan between government forces and...
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The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission – EHRC cites steep rise in violations during unrest

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission #EHRC issued an alarming new report detailing a steep rise in human rights violations linked to the ongoing conflict plaguing Ethiopia's #Amhara region.

Central bank nods to long-awaited currency convertibility assurance  

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) is committed to offering the much-anticipated guarantee of converting local currency funds to hard currencies for foreign investments...

Gudaf Tsegay sets new women’s 5000m world record at Eugene diamond league

In a stunning display of athletic prowess, Ethiopian runner Gudaf Tsegay has etched her name into the annals of track and field history by...
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Investigation: Shadow fight for Ethiopia’s lithium bonanza

The contentious Kenticha lithium project in Oromia remains mired in uncertainty as legal wrangles and political jockeying persist over who will control the deposit's...

Credentials controversy ends AU legal head’s tenure

A petition launched by "prominent professionals" called on the AUC chairman to investigate, arguing Guy Fleury-Ntwari fell short of the job requirements as the published vacancy had stipulated candidates possess an LLM and 15 years of legal experience, including eight years at a managerial level.

Regulator issues stern warning to CSOs over banking transgressions

Ethiopia's civil society regulator has issued a stern warning to non-profit organizations after suspicions of improper bank account use and foreign currency diversions. Failing to...
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National bank explores treasury bill alternatives to accommodate Islamic banks

The National Bank of Ethiopia is looking for alternatives to traditional treasury bills to accommodate financial institutions that only offer interest-free banking services in...
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