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The Ethiopian Airlines Group has confirmed that Eritrean aviation authorities have issued a notice of suspension for all flights to Eritrea beginning September 30, 2024. The Group says it received a letter from the Eritrean Civil Aviation Authority informing it of the suspension earlier this week, but that it is...


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Wheat flour, edible oil prices anticipated to rise following mandatory fortification

Ethiopia loses 55.5 billion birr annually to malnutrition Industries warned of an increase in the price of wheat flour and edible oil as a result...

US expects Obasanjo to announce location, time for Ethiopia’s peace talks

The United States anticipates the African Union (AU), under the leadership of Olusegun Obasanjo to reveal the venue and timing of peace negotiation between...

Sharia-compliant financial services gain traction in revised strategy

NBE leads works to accomplish goals in second financial inclusion strategy Interest-free financial services are among the priorities of the second edition of National...
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Government considers opening more free trade hubs in three towns

Officials of the federal government in charge of the logistics sector are contemplating opening more free trade zones at Modjo, Adama, and Semera towns....

Second Turbine of GERD Begins Operation as Third Filling Nears Completion

The second turbine of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) begins operation as Ethiopia edges closer to complete the third filling of its giant...

Increase salary or face strike, university lecturers

Lecturers at various universities in Ethiopia have formally requested the government to increase wages and make adjustment on their work grades in unison, or...
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AU accommodates UN, EU to broker peace between TPLF, federal government

The African Union Political Affairs, Peace and Security (PAPS) has reached an agreement to accommodate the UN, EU and the US to be part...

Hefty interest fee awaits hospitality sector

Hotel owners could soon face a hefty interest fee if they don't repay the loan they secured from commercial banks as part of the...

Gov’t obliges inpatients at fed hospitals make advance deposits

Officials recommend enrollment for community based and social health insurances Inpatients getting treatment at federal and university hospitals will have to make advance deposits of...
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Quarrel over regional states’ autonomy delays data protection bill

The ratification of Data Protection bill is delayed by over two years, as its implementation scope risks the autonomy of regional governments. The House...



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