Saturday, June 10, 2023

Letter to the Editor

We will win the battle against COVID-19

Three Japanese nationals have recently tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Thereafter, three more positive cases have been identified.

The Open Society Foundations (OSF) reaffirms its commitment to support Ethiopia’s reform agenda

The Open Society Foundations (OSF) remains committed to supporting Ethiopia’s reform agenda, led by the Ethiopian people.

Our national carrier must discipline its misbehaving staff

It was early afternoon on Monday, November 18, 2019 when I had boarded the Ethiopian Airlines flight No. ET196 bound for Dessie via Bahir Dar. My destination was the city of Bahir Dar where I do currently reside and conduct my official government business.
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Mexico and Ethiopia: Building upon 70 years of friendship

This year, Mexico and Ethiopia celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations. I visit Addis Ababa this week to reassert the long-standing friendship between our two nations, and to open new opportunities to further enhance our political, economic and social links.

Here to protect and serve

As it is well-known, the Addis Ababa Police Commission has been and still is diligent in executing its responsibilities of protecting the peace and security of our rapidly progressing city. At this particular time our police force is working around the clock to fully discharge its duties and responsibilities in line with the unfolding nation-wide reform process and the spirit of public service.

Reflections on Ethiopia’s transition and the relevance of the American experience

At this time last year, I spoke about the incredible promise of the reform efforts under His Excellency Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD), and the unprecedented opportunity for Ethiopia to build a prosperous, peaceful, and democratic future.
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Letter to the Editor

In your English weekly newspaper, The Reporter, published on the 2nd of February, 2019, you misquoted and erroneously covered the news of Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Workneh Gebeyehu’s (PhD) report to the House of People’s Representatives.

Hilton Addis: renovation or distortion?

I was at the Hilton Hotel in Addis this week and was flabbergasted by what I saw. Saddened, my patriotic soul urged me to share what I witnessed with readers. Over the years, many things have changed but not to the better and I have always ignored it trying to convince myself that it’s okay, telling myself ‘The place needs renovation’. But now, I couldn’t take it anymore, cheat myself as usual.

The move by FHC is the wrong one

I am writing this letter from Fassilo Woodworks with regards to the recent rent revision made by the Federal Housing Corporation (FHC) and how the revision impacts Fassilo and other similar companies.
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The new food and medicine administration bill will save lives and advance the public’s health

In a recent opinion article “The Magic of the new Food and Medicine Administration Bill” that appeared in The Reporter on December 15, 2018, Yohannes Woldegebriel critiqued the recently introduced bill in the Parliament: a bill that the Ministry of Health intends in good faith to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of Ethiopians.
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