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Nightlife featuring golden oldies

The night life of the capital is almost always busy, crowded and at almost full capacity. With uniform like clubs, restaurant and pubs scattered all around and millions of residents coupled with tourist and the Diasporas visiting the nation on a regular basis, it seems the night life of Addis Ababa is attempting to match the busy construction boom that has changed its recent narratives.

Travel changes you and it should!

I dash over the level crossing, hoping to make it to the other side before the warning lights start to signal that a train is approaching, arriving breathless at the platform in time to see my air-conditioned train glide into the station.

The man behind Negesti:

Aron Senay is looking to dominate. He sells a lifestyle, not just handbags. The carefully designed handbags and accessories, largely targeted at female customers, craft a personality. The visual advertising of his brand Negesti indicates as much.

Mercato through the eyes of a ferengi

If there is one thing a ferengi likes to do on a holiday: it’s to browse the local market looking for souvenirs to wow their friends with back at home. Often, holiday-makers are taken to tourist-friendly markets selling local handicrafts and are left to browse for an hour or so before the bus picks them up.

Eating out in Addis: Italian style

Ethiopia is booming in many areas, none more so than in its embrace of the humble grain of durum wheat. Nestled in between traditional eateries, stores and banks on the main roads or hidden in tiny side streets, the Italian Restaurants provide an added dimension to the culinary delights of the city of Addis Ababa.

Coming to Ethiopia!

Many roads have led me to Ethiopia. I have always wanted to experience the Africa you see on documentaries - the wide open plains, the sand of the vast Sahara, the mighty Kilimanjaro, elephants and wildebeest and traditional tribespeople.

Beauty queens going global

The evening began three and a half hours late as organizers scrambled to get the hall ready and begin the competition. Attendants milled around the entrance in those hours, patiently waiting for the pageant to begin.

Holiday meals ready to be served

“Single, married, busy or lazy,” reads an advertisement posted inside the compound of Bole Arabssa Condominium. With the huge number of ads posted here and there, it is very unlikely for a person to notice a particular ad. But this one stands out, the color, size and layout demands attention.

Serene kiremt with fun filled activities

Stormy clouds, unpredictable rain and hail, road traffic getting increasingly worse, horrid queues for taxis, muddy roads that hardly ever consider pedestrians, the stifling air of Addis Ababa can feel much worse during kiremt months.