Sunday, June 16, 2024
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A new lifestyle, healthy living in Addis

A few years ago, meeting up with friends for colourful concoctions at the juice bar for lunch, joining a nearby dance class after work, meditating with a beautiful view of the sunset, going out for an evening walk, or seeking help of a professional for weight loss programs were the activities of a handful of people.

Friendly beasts

Night has just fallen in the ancient, walled-city of Harar and “the children” are being called to get food. One by one, they approach Abas Yusuf, climb onto his shoulders and nuzzle in his lap.

Alternative serving: snack and drink on the streets

From the small fried fish that were sold on the streets of ancient Greece to the stir-fried noodles of modern day Bangkok, street food has been part of society for millennia.

In touch with local traditions

Spending the holidays away from home can be one of the most difficult aspects of long-term travel. Whether people are religious or not, the holidays are a time for tradition and family togetherness.

The Peace Corps experience

When the Peace Corps was founded, the statement used to indorse the idea was that it was intended to promote world peace and friendship through volunteers, who would offer their services even through hardship.

Nightlife during AU summits

As Addis Ababa hosted the 29th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union this week, hundreds of delegates verged into the capital.

The resurgence of live bands

Piano Bar on Bole road has an extraordinary nightlife for such an ordinarily place.

Street food 101: how Delhi eats

New Delhi, India They say what one eats tells a lot about their character.

Building connections and community through creativity: Fekat Circus

It started as a dream more than 13 years ago. Dereje Dange Mulate and five close friends were passionate acrobats and they were inspired by circus arts.

Learning the basics – Ethiopian cuisine during lent

By Katie Kurz This past Monday as dawn was breaking over Addis on the first day of Lent, my house was bustling with activity, in particular as four kids got ready for school.
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