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Broadening the dining experience

Addis Ababa-born Berhane Tesfai attempt to bring big city American style to the Addis Ababa has resulted in the vibrant, two-storey M.L.K. Jr. Bar and Restaurant, located between Nuxes Hotel and Totot cultural restaurant.

12 incredible ways to recreate Awash Wine

Why settle for wine straight from the bottle when you can mix things up by using it for your new favorite cocktail instead? Awash Winery is discovering new ways to reinvent the cocktail culture in Ethiopia with its new exotic and refreshing wine-based cocktails.

A night out in Addis

The early evening hours of Saturday July 16 was vibrant as any weekend night. Addis Ababans were ready to party and spend their happy hours in the different hangouts spots and night clubs. In Bole area, there are plenty of entertainment spots in close proximity.

When the hair is more than just hair

The Ethio Telecom office in the Gurd Shola area is crowded with people who are waiting for their turn. Amidst the hullabaloo two women were whispering to each other pointing at a woman who had shaved her head.

What’s in a name?

It was getting dark. Though he never liked driving during the night, he stepped on the gas pedal and speeded heading in the direction of Addis Ababa. It looks like he needs to get to Addis as fast as possible.

A home away from home

Wei is 48 years old and she arrived here half a year ago. In Dukem town of the Oromia Regional State she has rented a large house just opposite the Eastern Industrial Zone where she has a restaurant called (when translated from Chinese) “The Joy of the Farmer`s Family”.