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Blue expressed strong support to ongoing reform

In an unusual turn of event, Semayawi Party a.k.a Blue expressed its support and allegiance to the ongoing reform executed by the ruling party–the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)–and the work it is doing in maintaining peace, order and stability in the country, adding that party ideologies should not halt all parties to cooperate.

Total calls for innovative business ideas

Through its program dubbed Startupper of the Year Challenge, Total Ethiopia S.C is providing financial and technical assistance to local young entrepreneurs who can come up with innovative business project proposals.   

Ethiopia completes study to use Eritrean ports

The Ethiopian Maritime Affairs Authority (EMAA) on Tuesday announced that has finalized a study which specifies port usage rates and logistics service provisions that will be available when it begins using Eritrean ports.

Global hunger on the rise: FAO

“The fight against hunger” is feeling the pressure with recent reports indicating chronic hunger and malnutrition on the rise after a period of decline threatening to drag back decades of gains, says The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation.

Fertilizer bid valued at USD 400 mln awaits decision

The Ethiopian Agricultural Business Corporation is waiting on the government’s approval on a multimillion dollar fertilizer bid, The Reporter has learnt. The procuring entity sent a letter to Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource for the approval before it proceeds to the next steps.

Members of National Defense Forces tender their apologies

Admitting that their approaches were mistaken, members of the National Defense Forces who marched on the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) on October 10, 2018 to discuss salary and benefit packages, have expressed their regret and formally asked for the pardon of the government.

Unusual optimism surrounds latest South Sudanese peace deal

Representatives from the African Union and the United Nations who have paid a visit to South Sudan this week expressed unusual hope for the implementation of the September 12, 2018 peace agreement signed between the warring factions in the youngest African nation, being torn apart by a devastating civil war since 2013.