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UK Foreign Secretary talks GERD, Sudanese Border in Ethiopia

The Foreign Secretary of the UK Dominic Raab paid a one-day work visit to Ethiopia discussing with President Sahele-Work Zewude and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen on issues pertaining to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the peaceful resolution of the Ethio-Sudanese border issues.

New law allows ethio telecom go global

The new establishment regulation of ethio telecom approved by the Council of Ministers two weeks ago allows the company to invest in the international market, the telecom giant announced in a press briefing held at Hyatt Regency Hotel on January 21, 2020.

Inflation surges to 30.3 percent in Tigray

Inflation soared to 30.3 percent in Tigray Region last month, twice the national average and the highest amongst all regional states in Ethiopia, according to a new report published by the Central Statistical Agency (CSA).

Ethio-American politician faces Charges

Alexander Assefa, who made history by becoming the first Ethiopian–American politician elected as an assembly man in the State of Nevada in 2018, abruptly resigned, facing two career-ending charges.