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Complete reconfiguration for sugar industry  

In the wake of privatizing state-owned sugar plants and properties, consultants hired to shape the future sugar sector in Ethiopia have urged the government to remove the existing 33 percent excise tax levied on local producers.

Coca-Cola joins race for sugar plants

Cementing its six decades of business in the beverage industry of Ethiopia, the Coca-Cola Company under its subsidiary in Ethiopia has tendered its bid to acquire a sugar plant or plants the government is about to privatize in the early months of 2020, The Reporter has learnt.

Government targets hate speech, disinformation

Aimed at controlling and deterring the spread of hate speech and disinformation among the society by, “irresponsible activists,” the government has tabled a draft bill before the House of People’s representatives (HPR), a week after it was first endorsed by the Council of Ministers (CoM).

Standing Committee criticizes MoF over souring inflation

The Budget and Finance Standing Committee of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) lambasted the Ministry of Finance (MoF), over its handling of inflation and soring living costs, which they say has affected citizens across the country.

Ethiopia elected member of UNESCO

Ethiopia has been elected as a member of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization for a four year term. This took place during the 22nd General Assembly of the World Heritage Convention in Paris, France.