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AU members endorses UN’s political process

In a meeting of the African Ministerial Conference held in Marrakech, Morocco, member states of the African Union endorsed a declaration on the issue of regional disputes over the Western Sahara, which is a pressing matter within the region.

Abstract art: let the shades, canvas speak

An exhibition of his recent workby FikruGebre Mariam produced since 2014 are currently on view at Alliance Ethio-Française. Opening day of Chasing Dreams, Shaping Destiny attracted one of the largest turnouts a single artist’s exhibition has garnered in Addis Ababa.

Kangaroo Plast joins brewery business

Kangaroo Plast, an established local family owned company opened the newest beer manufacturing plant in Ethiopia, with an investment amount of USD 88 million. The brewery will be inaugurated, next month.

CSA recalls census materials

The Central Statistics Agency (CSA), following the sudden postponement of the Fourth National Housing and Population Census, is forced to recall some of the materials already distributed to a number of regional states, The Reporter has learnt.

“Addis Ababa belongs to all of us”

Holding his second press conference since he came to power a year ago, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) gathered correspondents at the Office of the Prime Minister, which is located off Lorenzo Taezaz Street, for a lengthy two hours and 10 minutes briefing on current issues and his stay in Office for the past one year.

Mega opposition camp merger on the horizon

A mere weeks after 108 political parties signed a code of conduct and urged to form a coalition among them not become disfranchised; six parties have agreed to dissolve and create a new political party with a strong footing ahead of the upcoming national election.

Amhara Savingto go into mainstream Banking

Amhara Credit & Saving Institution (ACSI), a giant microfinance institution active in the Amhara Regional State, has requested the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE)to be given a green light to transform into a full-fledged banking institution, The Reporter has learnt.

Public Enterprise Agency appeals injunction order

The Public Enterprises Holding and Administration Agency (PEHAA), has appealed a decision made in a Federal High Court following an injunction order where the earlier was forced not to transfer National Alcohol and Liquor Factory (NALF) to a private holding, The Reporter has learnt.