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Etiquette, where art thou?

These days, people are in so much of a rush within their lives that they simply have no time for civility. Years ago, it cost nothing to open doors for people, or to give up your bus seat for an elderly person.

The dollar and its discontents

Having unilaterally reimposed sanctions on Iran, US President Donald Trump's administration is threatening to penalize companies doing business with the Islamic Republic by denying them access to US banks.

The inevitable spiral of violence

There is a deep and direct connection between “the world” or “the system” with its culture and corporations and the negative things private individuals do.

The balancing act of law and order vs. democratic rights

Law and order or democracy? This seems to be an eternal question for countries like Ethiopia. For several decades or in some cases for centuries, developed democracies were struggling to determine an optimal balance of freedoms and limitations for their citizens.