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The need for pragmatic politics

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s (PhD) government has gained a dazzling amount of public acceptance as it is highly dedicated for the national interests of Ethiopia.

How to protect refugees in a pandemic

Perhaps the most effective health interventions in the battle against COVID-19 so far have been behavioral: social distancing and improved hygiene, especially hand-washing.

Learning to live with COVID-19

One of COVID-19’s paradoxes has been the way in which some wealthy, high-capacity countries (particularly the United States and the United Kingdom) failed to contain the virus, while some poorer countries and regions with less capacity (including Vietnam, Greece, and the Indian state of Kerala) swiftly brought it under control.

Demonetization lessons

India is one of the most popular objects of economic analysis and discussions in media. This is not surprising for one of the world’s most populous and rapidly growing countries.