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Killer farms

The needless expansion of farmland has become one of the biggest threats to the planet’s ecological health.

How the Internet of Things can reshape Africa

The internet is changing the way people cope with ordinary tasks. Autonomic vehicles, refrigerators and microwave appliances incorporating the elements of artificial intelligence, and computers that make grounded decisions about human health and wellbeing are no longer a surprise.

Mini-grids for rural growth

One of the best ways to bring electric power to millions in the Global South is to invest more in "mini-grids" – small, localized power plants and distribution networks that can cheaply serve remote communities.

Can services drive economic growth in Ethiopia?

As the Ethiopian economy is growing, the government, citizens, economists and scholars want to understand what factors or changes in the country’s economic structure will secure its transition from an underdeveloped to a developed status.

The epidemic we must stop ignoring

Tuberculosis afflicts ten million people every year, and continues to kill more people than any other communicable disease, despite global commitments to eliminate it.