Sunday, October 1, 2023


Fast payments offer potential for faster digital financial inclusion, growth

 Technological evolution is disrupting the finance industry and helping hundreds of millions of people around the world get tools they need to conduct daily business and...

Ethiopia’s National Dialogue needs greater credibility and inclusivity

In December 2021, at the height of the war between Ethiopia’s federal government and Tigrayan forces, authorities established a National Dialogue Commission to resolve...

Perilous journeys persist: Targeted killings, repatriation fail to deter migration

The targeted killings of Ethiopian migrants by Saudi officials expose the brutality of attempts to curb irregular migration, while inadequate repatriation efforts and limited resources fail to deter illegal migration or dismantle criminal networks facilitating the dangerous journeys.
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Social representation in Ethiopian politics

The complexities of ethnic diversity and power imbalances in Ethiopian politics have led to confusion and tensions, with political parties often aligning along ethnic lines. Addressing these challenges requires inclusive governance and efforts to rectify historical injustices, fostering unity among the diverse population.

In Memoriam: Abdurrahman Muhammad Sheriff

Abdurrahman Sheriff's art captivated with its profound expression and skillful technique, leaving a lasting impression on all who experienced it. As an inspirational teacher, he fostered creativity and shaped the artistic journeys of countless individuals, leaving behind a remarkable legacy

Imagining a Keynesian Revival

In 2009, while the world economy was still reeling from the global financial crisis, Nobel laureate economist Robert Lucas observed that “everyone is a...
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Fragility & poverty in sub-Saharan Africa: two sides of the same coin

In 1990, about half of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia and two-thirds in East Asia and the Pacific were living in...

AU should prepare now for G20 membership

As the AU's admission to the G20 gains support, leaders must expedite work to establish unified economic stances, a reform agenda, and strategic coalitions that will allow the continent to most influence decisions impacting critical issues like climate change, while also securing greater resources for development.

Making development finance work for Africa

The current economic crisis calls for fundamental reform at multilateral development banks to fulfill their mandate of alleviating poverty. African countries need development partnerships, not handouts; with the right investments and policies, Africa can overcome challenges crucial for a healthy global economy.
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The less-told stories: China’s comprehensive push for better health systems

China's six decades of medical assistance to Africa demonstrating sincerity, practical results and good faith reflects development philosophies that, aligned with Africa's modernization goals, aim to accelerate cooperation including on public health in the coming decades.
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