Friday, December 8, 2023


Remedies in regulation: Africa’s climate prescription

Africa holds the solutions to propel a green global economy, but tailored regulations are needed to maximize the continent's potential and transition from carbon sink to climate champion.

From the skies to the shadows: The enigmatic journey of Misha Babichev

Ivan Babichev was a Russian traveler who journeyed to Ethiopia during the reign of Emperor Menelik in the early 1890s. Little is known about...

Journalism on trial in Africa: fortitude and fake news

The world of journalism has been somewhat emboldened since June 7, when judges in a South African High Court threw out a private prosecution...
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What it will take to transform development finance

In a world beset by rising temperatures, extreme weather patterns, and escalating natural disasters, the urgency of decisive action on climate change and the...

What Africa wants and what the West needs to do

If the West wants to position itself in Africa for the future – and in relation to China – the focus should be on...

Africa’s Livestock Rise Rides on Sustainability

Sustainable livestock development in Africa is a topic discussed by few and rarely related to, yet the time has come to center the debate...
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Leveling the financial playing field for Africa

Africa bears virtually no responsibility for the greenhouse-gas emissions driving the climate crisis. It is not responsible for the conflicts or supply-chain disruptions that...

Improving rural reach of DFS through CICO networks

Cash-In/Cash-Out (CICO) service points allow customers to convert their e-money into cash or vice versa and facilitate digital financial services (DFS) uptake and use...

African currencies are under pressure amid higher-for-longer US interest rates

Most sub-Saharan African currencies have weakened against the US dollar, fanning inflationary pressures across the continent as import prices surge. This, together with a...
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Digital fuel oil payments violate civil rights

The level or development of the commodity economy, or commodification in general, in Ethiopia is perhaps one of the lowest in the world. Production...
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