Friday, December 1, 2023



The decline in lifetime spending will ultimately have a negative impact on growth and potentially generate social fault lines for the coming generations, writes Michael Heise.

Goodbye to the West

The new course US President-elect Donald Trump will chart for his country is already discernible; we just don’t know how quickly the ship will sail. But we should not harbor any illusions: Europe is too weak and divided to stand in for the US strategically, and without US leadership, the West cannot survive, writes Joschka Fischer.

Justified fears: A perspective on current Ethiopian situation

National problems require collective effort in an open, inclusive and patient manner. No superficial effort with party political goals will bring lasting solutions, writes Desta Heliso.
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Standing up for human rights

By the Ambassadors of the UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden and Czech Republic, and the Chargé d’Affaires of Germany and the United States of America to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Towards concrete gains to insure human rights

The promotion of universal human rights in Africa must be inclusive and ensure that marginalized communities are empowered, writes Mary Beth Leonard.

A scientific outlook for a post-factual world

Past civilizations adopted divinatory practices in an effort to know the future. But, since then, humanity has made impressive strides away from believing in a predetermined destiny, and toward actively shaping the human condition, writes Helga Nowotny.
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The end of AIDS

The incoming Trump administration should grasp the historic opportunity to help bring AIDS to an end through a modest financial commitment by governments and other funders writes Jeffery D. Sachs.

How to feed the world

Great progress has been made in humanity’s fight against hunger, which has shaped nearly every major society in history.

America and the world in transition

Speculation about President-elect Donald Trump's likely foreign and domestic policies is rampant, but little if any of it is meaningful.
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Corruption vs. extortion

Hence, extortion is a political problem and while corruption is legal. Extortion is an evidence of power imbalance, emergence of a ruling class, and a result of fear of authorities, writes Yared Haile-Meskel.
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