Sunday, September 24, 2023


The right targets for global health investment

Panic about viruses like Zika, Ebola, SARS, and Avian Flu has spread far more rapidly than the diseases.

Ensuring Africa’s continued rise

Africa is well placed to build diversified economies based on low-carbon, sustainable infrastructure.

The limits of capitalism with communist characteristics

Clearly, where communists call the shots, the development of a free market for goods and services does not necessarily lead to the emergence of a marketplace of ideas.
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From “cradle of mankind” to “spare parts” of mankind?

Out of the 54 African countries eleven African countries transplant organs from donor to patients.

Speaking from the heart: What I want for my city

The City Administration should also work towards celebrating the Oromo culture and heroes and heroines using its urban spaces, including the streets (many of which are in fact nameless), squares, plazas, public buildings and the like, argues Selam Yibeltal.

A future of happiness, tolerance, and youth

Focusing on happiness is both feasible and fully justified. Happiness can be measured, and its evaluation is already the subject of many programs and studies.
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Blessed with natural attributes such as natural resources, as well as a young, technically literate population, Ethiopia has all the prerequisites to lead the continent in the future, writes Yerlik Ali.

The inequality puzzle

Those who argue for de-emphasizing income inequality maintain that public policy should seek to ensure that all citizens enjoy basic living standards – nutritious food, adequate shelter, quality health care, and modern infrastructure – rather than aiming to narrow the gap between rich and poor, writes Dambisa Moyo.

Something has to give

The EPRDF must introduce sweeping political reforms to ensure a more democratic and egalitarian future for the country. Otherwise, it will keep facing resistance and serious challenges to its hold on power every now and then, writes Gedion Timothewos Hessebon.
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Zika and reproductive rights

The Zika epidemic has revealed two truths about health care in Latin America.
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Recent Politics

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