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Farewell, flat world

Fifty years ago, the conventional wisdom was that rich countries dominated poor countries, and it was widely assumed that the former would continue getting richer and the latter poorer, at least in relative terms.

Getting to net-zero emissions

The leaders of the G20 countries head to Osaka this week for their annual summit. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres will address them before traveling to Abu Dhabi to finalize the arrangements for September’s UN Climate Action Summit.

Making migration work for everyone

In a globalized world, migration is a fact of life that should be governed accordingly. To that end, it is time to establish what I call “Migration Order 3.0,” a new framework that would make migration work for everyone.

How can we build world-class companies in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia has the potential for tremendous economic and social promise. An emerging economy, Ethiopia has a vast population, and a competitive advantage needed to achieve the goals of economic growth, socio-economic stability, and cultural diversity, along with sustainability and environmental protection

Islands of Climate Innovation

To live in a small island state today is to reckon regularly with the cruelest irony of climate change. Islands contribute little to global warming, but they are the first to suffer from its devastating effects and the least equipped to manage them.