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The data-poor lives of adolescents

Will today's adolescents be healthy enough to lead tomorrow's world? To ensure that they are, their age group must be included in more policy discussions – and that means collecting the data needed to guide health-enhancing interventions, writes Ali H. Mokdad.

Microfinancing climate resilience

Too many small businesses in the areas most vulnerable to the effects of climate change lack access to credit, preventing them from taking steps to build resilience through renewable energy, sustainable production, and other measures.

The heroes we need

Hollywood has actually given the breath of life to numerous super human heroes and we—the mere mortals—fascinatingly watch their heroic deeds and get back to our lives imitating them a bit but knowing deep inside that it is futile to try to do even the simplest things that are portrayed there, writes Nebiyou Worku

Trump the traitor

Were Donald Trump elected US President in November, the implications would be more terrifying than anyone thought.

Students, not brides

When girls stay in school, instead of marrying early, the benefits are not theirs alone; their countries’ economies gain as well.

The death of world heritage sites

Though almost one-quarter of the coral in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage site has died this year, in the worst mass coral bleaching in recorded history, Australia has doggedly pursued new dirty energy projects. With governments failing to protect natural resources, it is up to the World Heritage Committee to take a stand, writes Martin Wagner and Noni Austin.

Global cooperation as a life-and-death issue

While governments, industry, and international organizations have made important strides over the last two years in tackling the threat posed by rising antimicrobial resistance, the truth is that their work has barely begun.

Mission: Save the environment

Fifty years ago, the World Health Organization initiated a global campaign to eradicate smallpox – a campaign that not even it believed could succeed.