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Court continues to release suspects arrested on corruption charges

Court continues to release suspects arrested on corruption charges

Prosecutors of the Federal Attorney General facilitated the release of Samson Wondimu and Bekele Balcha - suspects in the high-profile corruption case - from the Ethiopian Roads Authority. Apparently, the two suspects were released without the knowledge of the Court and the court has opposed this serious breach in the due process.

Other suspects in the Zaid Woldegebriel’s file including Gemshu Beyene and Yemane Girmay are on litigation to decide on the future of their companies and the fate of their employees in connection to asset freeze order passed against their respective companies: Gemshu Beyene Construction, Ellele International Hotel, DMC Construction, Yemane Girmay Construction, Aser Construction and others. The other suspect from Zaid’s file, Yemaneh Assefa from Etcon Plc., a local consulting firm, was released on a 50,000-birr bail while Zakir Ahmed, a contractor, was also released on a 150,000-birr bail.

Nevertheless, upon the objection of the prosecutors regarding the release of Zakir Ahmed on bail, the Court decided to suspend the bail decision for two days. If the prosecutors appeal to the Supreme Court, there will be further bail hearing; unless he is released immediately.