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Mob action costs two researchers’ lives

With the growing level of sporadic violence happening around the country, three researchers became the latest victims of mob attack where the two were stoned to death and one was critically injured in West Gojjam Zone of the Amhara Regional State, The Reporter has learnt. 

Arena, TAND sign agreement of cooperation

Arena Tigray For Democracy and Sovereignty (Arena)–established by former members of the Tigryan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) due to a rift within the party–and the Tigray Alliance for National Democracy (TAND)–founded by a former chairperson of the TPLF and other senior members of the party in exile–have signed an agreement to work together and perhaps a possible merge of the two parties in the future, deputy chairperson of Arena, Goytom Tsegay, told The Reporter.

AU confirms statue of Haileselassie I

After years of controversy and public outcry, the African Union has finally confirmed that it will finalize the construction of a statue in commemoration of the late Emperor Haileselassie I by 2019, The Reporter has learnt.

MoFA discusses foreign relations, diplomatic tour

In its bimonthly press briefing, Meles Alem, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), discussed the nature of foreign relations and diplomatic activities requiring officials to travel to different countries, and that this does not contradict with the orders of the Prime Minister about cost minimization by reducing or cutting foreign trips by different ministers of the country.

On top of the House

After he was honorably retired from his party’s central and executive committee, the House of People’s Representatives on Thursday appointed Tagesse Chaffo as the new Speaker of the House (the Federal Parliament) - a position which was vacant for just two days.

Brand new Cabinet: brand new leadership

One of the most defining moments in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s (PhD) ascent to power is no doubt his unprecedented acceptance speech at the Ethiopian Parliament on April 2, 2018. In that speech, Abiy, perhaps for the first time at caliber of a head of state, recognized the role of women in the largely patriarchal societal that is Ethiopia.