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Commission slums AU for ignoring grave rights violations

Launching its second volume of the African Human Rights Yearbook, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights has published an article that denounced the African Union (AU) for“deliberately”showing reluctance towards grave human rights violations committed by its member states and governments.

Mohammed Ademo leaves OBN

The former Aljazeera America editor and founder of online media,, Mohammed Ademo has been removed from his position as head of the Oromia Broadcasting Network (OBN) as of last week.

The big guns

Kicking off his career in public service as a member of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) is one leader who seems to be comfortable to spend a day in a military gear.

Ethiopia’s struggle to find its political tone

It was back in July 2018, while Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) was visiting the US that he made a pledgeto thousands of Ethiopiansin the diaspora that the ultimate goal of his administration would be to ensure that a democratic election takes place in Ethiopia. In this regard, many political commentators and members of the opposition block zeroedin on one very important year: the year 2020.Meanwhile, many advised the administration to widen the political space in preparation to a truly competitive and inclusive national election.

Lawmakers ban public smoking, alcohol adverts

The Ethiopian parliament has passed a draft bill dubbed ‘Food and Medicine Administration Proclamation’ restricting smoking in all indoor workplaces, public places and means of public transport and prohibited alcohol promotion on broadcasting medias.

Senior French official stops by ahead of Macron visit

In preparation for the state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, which is scheduled for March 14-15, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, the French Secretary of State to the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs is paying a visit to Ethiopia this weekend.