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Missed opportunities

Earlier this week,28th year anniversary of the down fall of the military regime, thederg, was celebrated, albeit in lower tempo than before.Signifying the rather divergent paths various regional states and the federal government are these days, the celebration of this holiday was as colorful as it was only in Tigray Regional State.

Hawassa police arrests over 200 individuals

Police in Hawassa town, capital of the Southern Regional State, have arrested over 207 individuals suspected to have involved in sporadic violence and criminal activities which has left the city unusually unsafe, The Reporter has learnt.

INSA traverses turbulent reform

Information Network Security Agency (INSA), Ethiopia’s foremost cyber security agency, struggles to sail through the turbulent current of political reforms in Ethiopia,during the past one year as it scrambles to plug the security leaks left behind the unceremonious departure of a number of key cyber security agents following the reform, The Reporter has learnt.

MoFA launches investigation into Map incident

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) apologized for the use of an inappropriate political map of the African continent on its website on Saturday, May 25, 2019, and said that the Ministry usually uses official maps drawn up by the Ethiopian Mapping Agency.

Demonstration rocks Wolayita

Residents of Wolayita Sodo town and its surroundings staged a demonstration on Friday May 17, 2019 demanding regional statehood of the zonal administration, economic benefits as well as respect for rights of Wolayitas all over the country.

Determined yet uncertain

As politicians are divided over the timetable of the upcoming National Election, at the helm of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopian (NEBE), Birtukan Mideksa appears to be determined to meet the constitutionally protected election timetable; working under the assumption that 2020 is still the due date .