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Election go ahead!

It is more than five months since the most hyped general elections postponed at the backdrop of the global coronavirus pandemic. Preparations were continuing by the restructured National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) to hold polling on August 29, 2020. The advent of coronavirus pandemic ensued restrictions imposed on public gatherings and many other social activities by the government.

AG charges 2,000 linked to Hachaalu’s killing

The Federal Attorney General said it has charged 2,000 individuals alleged to have participated in various ways in the protests and violence following the killing of the prominent Oromo musician, Hachalu Hundessa.

Study finds Ethiopians putting trust in leaders than institutions

A research conducted by Afro Barometer, “a non-partisan, pan-African research institution conducting public attitude surveys on democracy, governance, the economy and society,” indicated that leaders are more trusted in Ethiopia than institutions. Accordingly, PM Abiy Ahmed has received the highest approval rates from leaders and the Ethiopian Defense Forces got highest rates from institutions.

Tigray elections: beyond the polls

From the time when the general election was postponed due to the global pandemic, COVID-19, the Tigrian People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has been insisting that the federal government stick to the original schedule and carry out the general election. The subsequent June decision by the joint Houses to postpone the polls prompted Tigray’s ruling party and State Council to unilaterally undertake regional elections.

Health Ministry gives greenlight to election

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia has recommended that the postponed general elections can be conducted given the public’s awareness in the means of transmission of the coronavirus pandemic as well as the capabilities created in the country to produce masks and hand sanitizers.