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Demeke to head Census Commission

The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) has appointed on Tuesday Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonnen, as Chairman of Population and Housing Census Commission along with 23 members.


The House of People’s Representatives on Thursday approved the nomination of the President of the Federal Supreme Court and his Deputy along with 107 newly recruited judges for Federal courts.

Standing against carnage

Thousands of Eritrean refugees and dissidents this week protested in Addis Ababa, against the government in  authoritarian Horn of Africa State.

War drums and centrifugal forces in Ethio-Eritrean conflict

The second youngest African nation, Eritrea is once again struggling to extricate itself from a diplomatic and military quagmire after only two decades of an independent existence and a two-year border war with its southern neighbor, Ethiopia. Run by a secretive and isolated regime based in Asmara, the Red Sea nation has recently engaged itself  in another clash with Ethiopia, taking things to a whole new level. The clash came after a recent report was revealed by a special UN commission accusing the regime of crimes against humanity.

Are some refugees more equal than others?

This year, the world has experienced a series of calamitous events related to terrorism, wars, and instabilities. By the same token, a new report from the UN revealed that there are now more refugees on Earth than ever before in human history.

Border remains tense

After the latest conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea subsided, the current situation in border towns including Tsorona, Zalambessa and Bure remain tense with heavy military presence from both sides, sources confirmed to The Reporter.

Extradition agreement with Sudan tabled before legislators

The Federal Attorney General, formerly the Ministry of Justice, has presented a bill that amends an extradition agreement between Ethiopia and its neighbor Sudan, which was signed back in 1972, before the Houses of People’s Representatives (HPR) on Tuesday.