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From El Niño to La Niña: nation on red-alert as drought is to be swapped by floods

It has not been long since the nation has been tormented by the El Niño-driven drought, which has devastated most parts of the country with over 10 million in need of emergency food aid.

From El Niño to La Niña

A year of drought has left 10.2 million Ethiopians, almost a tenth of the population, without enough food.

Back to the motherland

The first time Abezash Tamerat returned to her native Ethiopia, she walked out of the airport terminal’s sliding doors only to turn around and walk right back in, briefly overwhelmed by the press of beggars and taxi drivers clamoring outside.

South Korean president to visit Ethiopia

South Korean president, Park Geun-hye, daughter of the most influential South Korean president to date, Park Chung-hee, is scheduled to visit Ethiopia as part of a three-country East Africa tour from May 25 to 28.

The fountain of music

Some 1,500 years ago, a young man from a strong religious background, was born in the kingdom of Aksum, a major trading center and a powerful empire in the ancient world.

Bill proposes independent body for aircraft accident investigation

Bureau cannot launch an investigation unless recommended by MoT The House of People's Representatives has discussed a bill which proposes the establishment of an independent body which holds the power and the exclusive jurisdiction to the conduct aircraft accidents and incidents investigation in Ethiopia.

Power shortage leaves well-equipped biotech lab incapacitated

The National Biotechnology Research Center (NBRC), one of the 17 national research centers under the Ethiopian Institute of Agriculture Research (EIAR), revealed that its sophisticated biotechnological studies including identifying and analyzing DNA has been severely hobbled by frequent power interruption and inadequate supply.   

UNICEF avails therapeutic food for drought victims

The purchase accounts for 22 percent of global order In its single largest global purchase to date, UNICEF—through the contribution of donors—made its biggest support of Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) and other supplies which include therapeutic milk, routine drugs and hygiene and sanitation commodities as part of its response to the drought conditions in Ethiopia.

Ministry denies blame against misuse of UNDP fund

A United Nations Development Program (UNDP) funded project at the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources has been under the spotlight in connection with the misuse of a one-million-dollar worth laboratory renovation project, it was learnt.

Flood forecasted in remaining belg season

According to forecasts made by the Ethiopian Meteorological Agency (EMA), the current belg (March-May) season might incur heavy rains, which could cause floods in different parts of the country. The Director General of EMA, Fetene Teshome, urged the public to make all the necessary preparations, ahead of time, to prevent damages.
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The business of aid

Freedom is one of the fundamental rights accorded to humans. People should have the freedom to speak, act and think. But how does one acquire true freedom? I believe that behind freedom, there is power.

Sport commission signs deal to renovate Addis Ababa stadium

The Ethiopian Sports Commission signed an agreement with Friends Engineering PLC on Thursday, June 17, 2021 to renovate Addis Ababa stadium.

Time for Eritrean troops to leave Ethiopia

Ever since the federal government of Ethiopia and the...

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The price of new automobiles has dropped significantly in...

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