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The environmentally-friendly eatery

A slum restaurant in Akaki-Kality is not what you would normally consider pioneering. However, one small eatery has proved revolutionary by becoming the first environmentally-friendly restaurant in Ethiopia.

Addis to institute air quality management system

Joins megacity air quality project by the US Visiting Addis Ababa this week, Sara Terry, senior policy advisor to the Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards under the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has brought her team to initiate the work of air quality management system in the capital.

MP Hirpe Muleta passes away

Hirpe Muleta, one of the women lawmakers in the House of People’s Representatives, has passed away at the age of 64, the Communications Office of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR), announced on Thursday.

Local artistes join UNHCR to stem flow of migrants

Calling it “an innovative method of awareness raising”, the UNHCR is teaming up with local artistes via a music video on a campaign it calls, Dangerous Crossings Campaign. This is to be a strategy to help curb the flow of migrants that are destined to Europe and the Gulf States via war-torn Yemen.

The pioneer activist

Ethiopian heroine Sylvia Pankhurst would have been fighting for gender equality if she were alive today, according to her family.

Farmers fear loss of maize to fall armyworm

Experts say insects came to stay for a long period Covering the majority of Africa in the last 12 months, the Fall Armyworm (FAW), is feared to have spread fast infesting major crops, mostly maize. In the worst case this year, farmers could lose up to half of their crops, The Reporter has learnt.

Whereabouts of over 2,000 adopted children unknown

In a shocking revelation, the Minister of Women and Children Affairs told members of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) on Thursday that the where about of 2,273 children, adopted before 2014/15, is yet to be identified as the Ministry is digging deep to improve data on the thousands of Ethiopian children adopted by westerners over the years.