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Ethiopian born receives ‘Order of Australia’

Ethiopian–Australian circus pioneer, SosinaTewabeWegayehu hasbecome the recipient of the Order of Australia, the highest honor bestowed on civilians in Australia. The Ethiopian Born was recognizedwith the honor making her the first Ethiopian born to achieve this feat.

Designers prepare for African Mosaique fashion festival

The annual African Mosaique Fashion Festival and Award Ceremony will be held on November 23 and 24, 2019 at the African Mosaique Design Center and Manufacturing Hub, located in Legetafo, Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Addis Ababa, with twenty designers set to display their products.

Power shortage hinders Djibouti water supply

A Chinese contractor, CGC Overseas Construction (CGC-OC) Group Ltd, has blamed electric power shortages for impeding the operations of the USD 339 million worth trans-boundary water project to pump potable water to neighboring Djibouti.

All about jobs

Ethiopia has officially joined in Mastercard Foundation’s effort to help create 30 million needed jobs across seven African nations, 10 million in Ethiopia within 2030. An effort of its Young Africa Works Initiative, it is geared in supporting local entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses as a hub for its job creation plan.

“Sound of a generation”

Elias Melka, the legendary songwriter, guitarist and composer of some of the most popular Ethiopian Musicians such as Tewodros Kasahun a.k.a. Teddy Afro, Zeritu Kebede, Michael Belayneh, Gossaye Tesfaye, Aster Aweke and Eyob Mekonen; and a major player in the music industry of the country in the past two decades and composer of more than three dozen albums passed away last weekend. 

Ethiopia gets first wetlands directory

The Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society (EWNHS) in Collaboration with Wetland International (WI) have launched “A First Directory of Ethiopian Wetlands” at a workshop held at the Azzeman Hotel in Addis Ababa on October 10, 2019.

Local baristas showcase talents

Inside the Hyatt Regency, an international barista competition was held last Saturday to help promote a coffee culture and give local baristas a chance to showcase their talent in the international arena.