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FAO launches health communication network

At a gathering held in Dessalegn Hotel attended by dignitaries from government, the diplomatic core and activists, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced the establishment of a National One Health Communications Network in Ethiopia.

Chartering a New Course for France in Africa

Perhaps associated with “white guilt”, legacy of colonization, or wanting to part ways with the old-fashioned way of dealing with the African society, President Emmanuel Macron is charting a new course with the African continent.

On Pushing the Envelope, Making Strides

Inside the headquarters of Ozzie Business and Hospitality Group, an office that is as extraordinary as a studio apartment in Bole, Kumeneger Teketel is multitasking. He is seated comfortably in an office facing the magnificent landmark Bole Medhanealem Church with A view of the capital that is fast becoming a city of skyscrapers.

20 mln Euro initiative aims to curb perilous migration

At the Italian embassy in Addis Ababa, its newly anointed ambassador signed a grant worth 20 million USD with a number of civil society groups as a complement to the European Union strategy to help end the flow of Ethiopian migrants from reaching the European soil.

Passionate, driven, determined

In front of the Ramada Hotel in Bole, at a new Italian restaurant inside what was once a smoke filled busy nightclub is where two cell phones are ringing all at the same time.

Addis Ababa gets a needed navigation app on Android

There is a new local free mobile application for smartphone users to navigate in the capital better named The user friendly application is intended to be the first web and mobile based application in Ethiopia providing an in-depth turn by turn direction for those looking for detailed information on hotels, restaurants, businesses and residences.

The biking diplomat

Mette Thygesen, the Danish ambassador to Ethiopia and several regional nations uses unconventional ways to engage with her followers on Twitter. In her second year in Ethiopia, she has used her social media platform to champion causes that are of mutual interest to her nation and Ethiopia.

Health oriented channel to come to the small screen

The Ethiopian TV industry is expanding, as a new TV station is entering the market focused on public health. Afri Health Television, a Dubai-based station inaugurated its Ethiopian hub in the capital on November 16 at Sheraton Addis in the presence of government officials, the diplomatic core and health professionals.