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The Gates look back at 20 years of philanthropy 

Billionaire philanthropists, Bill and Melinda Gates in their 2020 Annual Letter, a review of the foundation’s activities every year, which they have released this week, has celebrated the progress made over the past two decades in alleviating poverty and tackling health issues across the world, where Ethiopia was cited as most progressive, The Reporter has learnt.  

Ethiopian Airlines continues China flights as others suspend

As dozens of major airlines around the world cancel flights to China as a precaution over the outbreak of coronavirus, Ethiopian Airlines has refused to follow suit. This comes as the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the virus as a “global health emergency.” 

Coalition launches Action Agenda

The Food and Land Use Coalition has launched its long-awaited Ethiopian Action Agenda – “ACTION AGENDA FOR A NEW FOOD AND LAND USE ECONOMY IN ETHIOPIA.”

Atrocities Watch Africa to award ‘Spoilers of Peace’

To highlight one of Africa’s conflicts that have made more than a million of its population destitute refugees in Ethiopia, Atrocities Watch Africa has announced a new award – “Spoiler of the Peace Award,” to recognize the actors that have made it impossible to bring peace in South Sudan.

Waste management; Problem can’t be discarded easily

It seems that the current buzz around climate change is unstoppable. The world ecosystem is crumbling and the environment destroyed. Many places have recently been wrecked by volcanic eruptions, forest fires, floods, earthquakes, drought and other environmental disasters. Climate change may seem a far off concept for developing countries like Ethiopia, but it is not.