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Ethiopia elected member of UNESCO

Ethiopia has been elected as a member of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization for a four year term. This took place during the 22nd General Assembly of the World Heritage Convention in Paris, France.

A call for enhanced air connectivity in Africa

With a population of 1.2 billion Africa represents only less than three percent of the global air passenger traffic. The passenger traffic on intra-Africa routes is thin. Air connectivity is under developed. Passengers from Africa to travel to another African country may have to transit in European cities.

UNESCO, professionals discuss potential media sector alliance

With an aim to “ensuring Ethiopia has a vibrant media sector capable of supporting the development and peace building agendas of the country,” the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Ethiopia Liaison office, is discussing with various media stakeholders in order to establish media sector coordination platform.

African girls still face exclusion, exploitation, report finds

 Despite much stride made to end discrimination against girls, a new report released by Plan International in Ethiopia highlighted how “Millions of African girls face exclusion and exploitation on a daily basis because the law discriminates against them and fails to uphold their rights”.

Israeli surgeons saving lives in Ethiopia

Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), an Israeli based International charity founded in 1995,has brought 30 heart surgeons from Tel Aviv last week, to take part in open heart surgeries with in the Cardiac Center of the Black Lion Hospital.

Ethiopian born receives ‘Order of Australia’

Ethiopian–Australian circus pioneer, SosinaTewabeWegayehu hasbecome the recipient of the Order of Australia, the highest honor bestowed on civilians in Australia. The Ethiopian Born was recognizedwith the honor making her the first Ethiopian born to achieve this feat.

Designers prepare for African Mosaique fashion festival

The annual African Mosaique Fashion Festival and Award Ceremony will be held on November 23 and 24, 2019 at the African Mosaique Design Center and Manufacturing Hub, located in Legetafo, Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Addis Ababa, with twenty designers set to display their products.

Power shortage hinders Djibouti water supply

A Chinese contractor, CGC Overseas Construction (CGC-OC) Group Ltd, has blamed electric power shortages for impeding the operations of the USD 339 million worth trans-boundary water project to pump potable water to neighboring Djibouti.

All about jobs

Ethiopia has officially joined in Mastercard Foundation’s effort to help create 30 million needed jobs across seven African nations, 10 million in Ethiopia within 2030. An effort of its Young Africa Works Initiative, it is geared in supporting local entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses as a hub for its job creation plan.