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Senegal meets Ethiopia in art, music

A few years ago one of the most celebrated Ethiopian artists, Lemma Guya drew portraits of African leaders who founded the then Organization of African Unity (OAU), now the African Union (AU). This pan-African exhibition can be interlinked to his most recent collection. 

City awards 1.23 bln rebar contract to Steely

Steely yet to accept the award Steely RMI PLC is finally awarded the supply contract of 50,084 tons of reinforcement bars at a total price of 1.23 billion birr by the Addis Ababa Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service, this week, it was learnt.  

New foundation to advocate for women, girls rights

At the second annual conference on improving the quality of higher education, which was held at Capital Hotel on Thursday, former Ethiopian Minister of Education, Genet Zewdie (PhD), announced the launch of a new foundation to advocate for the rights of women and girls in Ethiopia.

CSA announces census schedule

The National Statistical Agency announces the official timetable for 2017/18 Population and Houses Survey. Accordingly, here is the schedule for the census: -

Sandford school fee frustrates Ethiopian Diaspora parents

Parents of children of Ethiopian Diaspora at Sandford International School in the capital have complained to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over fees paid for students. The parents are complaining that they are being excluded from a lottery system that allows Ethiopians to enter the prestigious school based on a local rate.