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Total, Steely pledge support for COVID-19 fight

As the COVID–19 pandemic hits Ethiopia, local businesses, entrepreneurs and citizens are uniting to support Ethiopia’s effort to help stop its widespread, in the midst of a weak healthcare system that remains vulnerable. The latest to give their pledges are, Total Ethiopia and Steely RMI, worth 17 million and 26 million Birr, respectively.

Ethiopia partners Facebook

Facebook is teaming up with the Government of Ethiopia to help inform millions of Ethiopians with what it says will be “valid and up to date information on COVID–19.” To that end, there is to be a WhatsApp Business API that will be used as a hotline with an online “chatbot”.

Community leader gunned down

In what many are describing as a shocking loss, a prominent businessman, leader in the local Christian community and a well-known face in the humanitarian sector in the City of Wellega, Assefa Mekonnen was killed by unknown assailants on Tuesday.

Ambo Mineral to distribute sanitizers for free

In an effort to help stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Ambo Mineral Water, a subsidiary of the SABMiller PLC and SouthWest Development (SWD), is set to produce hand sanitizer products and donate them to the population free of charge.

Weathering through the COVID storm

The rampage of the notorious COVID-19 virus has now reached 181 countries around the world. The number of people infected has surpassed one million as of Thursday, April 2, 2020, claiming the lives of 55,000 people world-wide.

Pressure on the gig economy

As the social and financial consequences of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) hits home, it is no secret the capital’s most vulnerable are feeling the pain more than others.

Gov’t installs new digital system to track, monitor COVID-19 cases

In order to help in the tracking and surveillance of coronavirus cases, the government has installed a new digital system to improve the response for the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Ministry of Health (MoH). The new system, officially unveiled on Monday, is believed to be a more suitable digital tool that enhances result oriented surveillance, monitoring, and tracking of coronavirus cases in response to the COVID-19 pandemic broadly at national level.