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Lopez calls it quits

The Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Carlos Lopes, is leaving the organization after four years at the helm of the institution tasked with promoting Africa’s economic and social development, fostering intra-regional integration and promoting international cooperation for the continent’s development.

Education minister sacks Hawassa University president

The Minister of Education, Shiferaw Shigute has sacked the president of Hawassa University Yosef Mammo (Prof.) in connection with failure to attend a meeting in preparation for the recent conference which is being held in various institutions of higher learning across the country.

400 shops torched in Gondar

More than 400 shops and business centers in Gondar, a historical town in Northern Ethiopia and the epicenter of recent political unrest and protests, have been burnt down to the ground on Thursday with 100 million birr (provisional estimates) in properties vanishing into thin air in a single day.

Life-changing project

Imaging this; you were born in a pastoralist family living in the rural parts of Ethiopia. The community has its own traditions and way of living.