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Hide, skin traders claim tanneries manipulated market price

In the past two consecutive public holidays, the price of raw hides and skin has seen an unprecedented decline. The Ethiopian Raw Hides and Skin Suppliers’ Association (ERHSSA) lays blame on tanneries manipulating the market price to disrupt the normal course of supply.

WBG recommends prudent urban planning for emerging secondary cities

Financial sustainability of integrated housing program questionable Addis Ababa being the only city in Ethiopia which has progressed further on the scale of urbanization, urban development specialists working for the World Bank Group (WBG) urged Ethiopia to seize the opportunity with the burgeoning secondary cities through proper urban planning and management to avoid repeating the mistake of overcrowded, fragmented and costly urban centers in Africa.

Born Free Animal Rescue

By Kaitlin Junod At the Ensessakotteh animal rescue center, just 30 kilometers from Addis-Ababa, Dolo the lion lazily lay beneath a shady tree. Nearby, his friend was also enjoying a mid-afternoon nap, not a care in the world.

British firms offer USD 850 mln to plant, operate powerhouse

The British-owned power and energy firm, Contingent Technology and Globeleq, have offered the Ethiopian government an investment finance amounting to 850 million to build a mega hydro-electric plant along the Genale Dawa River basin and operate it as a portfolio of independent power plants for a maximum of 25 years.

Water fund receives EUR 75 mln to finance 35 rural towns

The Water Resources Development Fund (WRDF), which was established 12 years ago to facilitate financial resources for water and sanitary projects, has received 75 million euros to be disbursed for 35 rural towns that are undertaking clean water and sanitary projects.

IT enthusiasts form coding academy

Robo soccer games to be held In an attempt to popularize coding culture in Ethiopia, young IT enthusiasts have teamed up to launch an academy that will cater to children at early ages.