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An Eventful Year Tribute to public figures

The year, like any other, also saw the passing away of individuals including some high profiles and prominent personalities widely recognized for their respective engagements in political, economic and social life of Ethiopia. Few of those prominent figures include:-

Fire at Embassy-rented property kills one, injures three

A total of four people have been injured severely and out of the four, one has suddenly died, at least partially, as a result of injury sustained by a fire spark started at a rental property of a high ranking member of the United States Embassy in the capital last month, The Reporter has learnt.

Renowned economist laid to rest

Wolday Amha (PhD), a prominent economist and commentator on economic issues, died Wednesday in a car crash while travelling from Hawassa to Addis Ababa. He was 60.

China to offer 1000 scholarships this year

The Embassy of China had bid farewell to Ethiopian scholars destined to China for graduate school. This year, 207 students were awarded scholarships to study for their MA and PhDs in areas which the Chinese government envisions are important to the local Ethiopian economy.

 The scholarships were awarded under the government MOFCOM programs set up by Ministry of Commerce of China.

Too poor to have a dream: Life on the streets of Addis

At 16, most adolescent teenagers in the capital are preoccupied with the notion of attending college, on dating, attaining expensive accessories or moving to the United States. But not Almaz and a large segment of the young local population who are struggling to survive. For them, survival by itself is a lofty dream.

City to roll out speed-monitoring radars

The Addis Ababa Transport Programs Coordination Office announced on Wednesday that it would soon be rolling out speed-monitoring radar devices aka Speed Guns with a view to controlling speed driving.

The not-so-simple act of hand-washing

The smell of lavender soap filled Kidane Mehret Children’s Home located in the Kebena area of Addis Ababa on Friday August 4th as volunteers walked the children through the eight steps of proper hand washing.

Authority grappling with clogged sewers

-- Heavy rains to cause swollen rivers With heavy downpours continuing unabated during this rainy season, the Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) said it is doing emergency cleaning up work on most water drainage and sewage systems clogged by discarded plastic bottles and other types of waste.