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Elumelu Foundation hosts thousands of entrepreneurs

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Forum hosted thousands of young African entrepreneurs last week in Lagos, Nigeria. Among the thousands that attended were delegates from Ethiopia for a chance to be mentored by some of the noted corporate leaders within the continent and get the much needed funds to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Women in the pedestal: AWiB recognizes Kibra Kebede

The 2018 Association of Women in Boldness (AWiB) hosted its annual Women of Excellence award recognizing outstanding female leaders pioneering change in society. This year’s award went to Kibra Kebede, founder of the Parkinson’s Patients Support Organization (PPSO).

Illegally imported Viagra floods market

Unregistered medicines used to treat men with erectile dysfunction (ED) are being sold without the consent of quality assurance agencies, said Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority, The Reporter has learnt.

The rise and rise of China

As China is celebrating 40 years of economic reform and opening up policy, it has many reasons to be proud of its achievements. Since the economic reform began in 1978, China has achieved a remarkable economic growth that stunned the world.

Secret smokers – clampdown on shisha

The recent crackdown and mass detention of youths in Addis Ababa came along with a temporary shutdown of lounges and bars that are accused of serving shisha or hookah to their customers, majority of which are youths.

‘Worke’: the paper recycling initiative

A paper recycling initiative by Penda Manufacturing hits the streets of Addis this weekend. The initiative will install 40 mobile paper waste deposit sites called ‘Worke’ around the city that allows city residents to dispose their paper waste for 2 birr per kilo.

Global hunger on the rise: FAO

“The fight against hunger” is feeling the pressure with recent reports indicating chronic hunger and malnutrition on the rise after a period of decline threatening to drag back decades of gains, says The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation.

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital returns to Ethiopia

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital–an MD-10 aircraft—has returned to Addis Ababa for the fifth time to conduct a three week national ophthalmic training and surgery program from October 1 - 19, 2018, The Reporter has learnt.