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Coalition launches Action Agenda

The Food and Land Use Coalition has launched its long-awaited Ethiopian Action Agenda – “ACTION AGENDA FOR A NEW FOOD AND LAND USE ECONOMY IN ETHIOPIA.”

Atrocities Watch Africa to award ‘Spoilers of Peace’

To highlight one of Africa’s conflicts that have made more than a million of its population destitute refugees in Ethiopia, Atrocities Watch Africa has announced a new award – “Spoiler of the Peace Award,” to recognize the actors that have made it impossible to bring peace in South Sudan.

Waste management; Problem can’t be discarded easily

It seems that the current buzz around climate change is unstoppable. The world ecosystem is crumbling and the environment destroyed. Many places have recently been wrecked by volcanic eruptions, forest fires, floods, earthquakes, drought and other environmental disasters. Climate change may seem a far off concept for developing countries like Ethiopia, but it is not.

KOICA funds family planning, SRH

The Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has funded a USD 3.5 million for family planning and sexual and reproductive health programs to be implemented in Guji and Gedeo zone of Oromia and Southern regional states.

We have lift off!

Following a morning of euphoria regarding the launch of the first Ethiopian satellite, a multi-spectral wide-rage microsatellite—ETRSS-1— Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has announced on Friday that the initiative to have eyes in space was a dream of his which he said started pursuing some 12 years ago when he was an associate with Information Network Security Agency (INSA).

Ethio-American goes missing in Atlanta

An Ethiopian American, Tesfa Gebru, a father of four has reportedly gone missing in Atlanta, US, with little clues to his whereabouts and wellbeing. The 40-something year old has been missing since December 9th leaving his wife, his four children and the tight Ethiopian community in Atlanta in distress.

Ethiopia to co-host Global Refugee Forum

Ethiopia is set to co-host the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, Switzerland next week. Set to take place between December 17 to 18, 2019; Ethiopia, one of the world’s most generous host nations to refugees, will be joined by Costa Rica, Germany, Pakistan and Turkey as cohosts along with the Government of Switzerland and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR.