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Hygiene-COVID-19 nexus

A few weeks ago, Africa seemed almost immune to the Novel Coronavirus that is challenging the world at a grand scale. It was the Egyptians who first reported the first coronavirus infected patient on the African soil.

USAID program to boost women’s role in education

The final report on Gender Audit for Female Leadership within the Ethiopian Education Sector has been released. The report examined women leadership in the sector which was found to be low and looked at the working conditions of women in a male-dominated sector.  

Red alert! Deadly COVID-19

Four months after the first incident was reported in China and more than 118 countries reporting cases, the Novel Corona virus (COVID-19) has also been reported in Ethiopia imported by a Japanese national.

ICS closes its campus

The prestigious International Community School (ICS) of Addis Ababa is closing its doors for more than a month. Parents were forwarded an email announcing the closing of the school, due to the risks associated with it on Friday.

Residents fear evictions as real estate developer clears forest  

Residents of Yeka Sub city, where one of the few surviving forests in Addis Ababa has been preserved, have vehemently expressed their frustrations over the City Administration, as a real estate developer began to clear down 40,000 square meters of woodland, warning dozens of evictions, The Reporter has learnt.  

Drug mules bound for Asia

A growing number of Ethiopian and International citizens are becoming victims of a drug mule allegedly orchestrated by Nigerian drug-lords operating within Ethiopia.