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A pioneer hotelier

When Tsegaye Tesfaye was looking at starting a hotel in Adama, Oromia Regional State, in 1991, there was hardly any hotel to emulate, with the exception of a few.

Cure Ethiopia celebrates 10 years in treatment

The renowned Cure Children Hospital of Ethiopia marked its 10th year anniversary on Tuesday in the presence of President SahleworkZewde of Ethiopia and Trevor Rees-Jones, aTexan multi-billionaire oil tycoon who is also the founder of Rees Jones Foundation anda major donor to the hospital in ShiroMeda.

Will Ethiopia’s civil society heal soon?

Underscoring the power of the Media, those in the public relations game often say “There is no such a thing as bad publicity”. Although it is not based in truth, this common adage reaffirms the value of grabbing the public’s attention regardless of the intention– whether in good or bad.

WRC members present recommendations

A week before the release of a high-level report at the headquarters of the United Nations entitled, A Call to Action: Transforming the Global Refugee System;the members of the World Refugee Council have met with important actors in Addis Ababa that deal with the issues of refugees and have presented their recommendations.

Exuberant faithful

Timket or the Ethiopian Orthodox Church celebration of the Epiphany is among the predominant holidays in Christianity in Ethiopia.