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ABH teams up with Harvard, looks to expand to Eritrea

ABH Partners – an affiliate of Jimma University based in the capital – is partnering with a number of international institutions, including with one of the world’s most prestigious universities, Harvard University, to help facilitate programs to the benefit of the local public service.

A youngster on a mission

Partly driven by youth idealism and a willingness to change the narrative of home, Hanny Semere is on an ambitious drive to use her privileged status to help Ethiopia find an innovative solution to some of its systematic social challenges.

BSR launches “HER project”

With the Hawassa Industrial Park becoming an icon for Ethiopia’s progress to one of the continent’s fastest growing economies, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), a global nonprofit organization that works for a just and sustainable world, has launched “HER project” to help put women in the forefront of the success of Ethiopia’s industrial sector. The Hawassa Park was accorded a visit by Eritrea’s President, Isaias Afeworki, recently.

Theatre giant Fikadu Teklemariam laid to rest

The Ethiopian theatre giant Fikadu Teklemariam has been laid to rest at the Holy Trinity Cathedral Church today in Addis Ababa after 40 years of revered stage life. Fikadu’s body was transported to Addis Ababa from Woldia, where he has remained in a monastery attending holy water religious treatment.

AIDS festival marred by protest

The 22nd International AIDS festival ended yesterday with a resounding closing speech by former American President, Bill Clinton, who called on activists, policymakers and politicians not to be deterred with the fight ahead.

Inclusion, equality and non-discrimination of persons with disabilities

Bridging the Gap: Inclusive Policies and Services for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities (BtG), an initiative funded by the European Union, was launched on Thursday July 12 by the Austrian Development Agency with various United Nations representatives, civil society organizations and disability rights advocates present.

From extraordinary to ordinary

Under a clear blue African sky that is both humid and green at the same time in Gambella Regional State is where thousands of vulnerable South Sudanese refugees have found shelter.

Three year old stabbed to death

A 3-year-old Ethiopian refugee has been stabbed to death while celebrating her birthday in the United States. Held in custody and charged with first-degree murder is her former 30-year-old recently evicted neighbor who had become homeless.

Cushioning school-to-job transition

Yeshihasab Shiferaw, 23, has been unemployed since graduating from Gondar University in July 2017. Even though she graduated in Tourism Management she has not been able to get a job in that field. She is one of the hopeful fresh graduates registering at the Youth Employability Services center in Ginbot 20 Sub-city, Bahirdar.