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More on corona

It’s been almost three weeks since Corona has started to be the issue of main importance in this country. Since then, one does not hear much about other stuff.

The downside of generalizing

A couple of weeks back, our Prime Minister addressed in his speech a crowd of individuals from the business world, wealthy and accomplished individuals, with the hope of raising funds to support Prosperity Party.

About corona

Corona virus. It is the only thing one can possibly talk about this week. The media is all about it. At home, we are all talking about it. Some of us are on a lock down at home.

Hate speech

It is recent news that Ethiopia has passed a law that punishes “hate speech” and “disinformation” with fines and imprisonment.

Where is the love?

From what I observed in the media, one of the things that worry me about this country is the tension between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the newly created Prosperity Party.

Just stop complaining!

The best strategy to avoid responsibility and blame is to make sure to find somebody else to blame. We all do it. The extent might differ, though.

Speech for the speechless

Few days ago, I heard on Sheger FM radio station about a lawyer who went out of his way to defend the rights of Addis Ababa’s residents that were victims of pollution caused by institutions nearby their homes.

News or bad news?

One of the key activities a person considered to be an adult is expected to do is to watch or read the news.

Rethinking titles

You know what I’m talking about. Titles such as Dr., Engineer, we love them in Ethiopia. There are people in this country who would sulk if you by mistake forget to mention their titles before their names.