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Gang laws

I remember an interview given by Jawar Mohamed on Nahoo TV around the time Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power.

On the dam

Finally, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam or the GERD has completed its first round of water filling. It is indeed a great thing to hear.

Speaking my mind

Chaos is the word that describes what has happed in this country in the previous week. It has become so normal to hear about the death of tens and hundreds of people in this country. More than one-hundred fifty people are said to have died following the death of artiste Hachalu Hundessa. Several people have lost their hard earned properties as a result of his death. How can one make sense of all this? Why should mass killing and destruction of public property always need to follow the smallest unfortunate incident?

On the media

The media has become powerful more than ever.  With all forms of media existing today, there is no shortage of information.

Grass-root institutions

One of the grass-root institutions that exist in Ethiopia to keep peace, order and justice are groups of elders.  Elders are revered in this country.

Can we be more flexible?

Some time has passed now since life, as we know it, has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Moments like this call for a much-needed flexibility in our plans and our daily lives.

The middle ground

As you know, Ginbot 20 or May 28 is one of the days that is highly celebrated in Ethiopia to commemorate the downfall of the Derg regime.

Soft vs. hard skills

I’ve been thinking a lot about soft and hard skills these days. Staying at home with my one year old in this period of partial lockdown, I had the opportunity to watch with her cartoons and other children’s shows on TV.

The ‘I’

Logos of public institutions in Ethiopia are one of the things that I have always found to be quite puzzling. Be it logos of political parties, or universities, and some ministries, the logos are simply busy, complicated and quite difficult to distinguish and remember.

Have a break

Have you ever felt the need to stop hearing and watching about COVID-19 on the media? I felt on numerous occasions that one really needs a break from all of this.