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Yes we can!

‘Arengwade gorf’ or ‘the green flood’ was what we used to call our athletes more than a decade ago now. I bet many of you remember this brand.

Impact is all that matters

Most of us are probably familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This theory tells us that the need of human beings goes at least through five stages, namely, physiological needs, safety needs, the need for love and belongingness, esteem needs and self-actualization needs.

Faceless numbers

How did life become so cheap and valueless? How did taking a human being's life become something as easy as it has become today? The lives lost as a result of civil wars has become mere numbers.

Notes from a proud Ethiopian

The recent announcement of Prime Minister Abiy’s award of the Nobel Prize is something that has made most of us Ethiopians proud than ever.

A curse in disguise

I often wonder how and why the billions of international aid and loan money that flow into our country do not seem to make a visible change on the lives of the poor they are supposed to support.

Running on the treadmill

I’ve been driving late to my house these past few days, and the darkness in the streets of Addis made me think about the numerous car accidents we see every day in the city.

IT at its minimum

Once, I was looking to buy furniture for my house with a modern yet simple touch and learned about a very stylish furniture store located in Addis from a colleague of mine.

Aspiring to be inspired

Happy New Year to all of my fellow readers! May the year 2012 be a year of happiness, health, peace and love for all of you out there! I think these are the wishes we would all like to see realized in one way or another.

Celebration before action

Quotes, who doesn’t love them? It is their ability to capture our thoughts and moods on a particular day in just few words, and make us feel good about ourselves.

The power of recognition

The Bego Sew award that took place last Sunday is one of the few award ceremonies in Ethiopia that recognize people for their contributions and achievements in their respective areas of expertise.