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About assumptions

There is this one valuable lesson I have learned during the driving license training I took some time ago.

Silence is not an answer

This week, I had to come face with one of the weirdest behaviors you see in some people. Have you ever been or met individuals who, instead of accepting, clearly justifying and apologizing for their wrongdoings, choose to ignore and completely shut off their victims?

Winners and losers

Have you ever been in a situation in which you are forced to work with someone you keep having arguments and disagreements about every little issue related to the work?


The unrests we have been witnessing in this country in the past couple of months seem to have finally reached the capital, which has seemed to be so far immune from the unrests that took place in different corners of the country.

New Year – more pleasant surprises?

New Year celebrations this year have come with hopes for a better, prosperous, peaceful and democratic Ethiopia. The year 2010 (EC) has left us with the feeling that maybe this new year is the year we finally see the change that we have belonging for.

Confidence and humility

Have you ever been with a self-righteous person? You know the kind of person who strongly believes they know everything, considers themselves to be the most ethical and morally right person in the whole planet?

Assuming/giving responsibility

Who would want to assume responsibility willingly? Most of us would probably do our best to avoid it. I believe that fear of responsibility makes us pay a lot of price. Take a group of people working as a team for instance.


Coming up with an interesting subject to write about in my weekly article contribution is not always an easy task. I sometimes have to think for several hours before deciding what to write about.

Making sense of the recent atrocities

Can you make sense of what is currently happening in this country? How does one rationalize the “justice” that people are giving to individuals they suspect of wrongdoing?

Change comes from within

There is this story that I heard back in childhood that is for me a constant and simple reminder that change comes from within and not from outside. And by change, I mean the type that is genuine and is sustainable and not the type that is insincere, disruptive and temporary.