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Meaningful difference

We all have criteria we use to make life choices. Some are objective and some are subjective. Some are reasonable for some, and some may not. But we all have criteria.

Arrogance or confidence?

A typical Ethiopian trait is humility. Or at least, humility is one of the characters of a person that is most valued in the Ethiopian culture, I would say. Lack of humility is considered to be rude.

One-man show

One of the things that have always amazed me is just how a single individual can be so influential, for better or worse, among a group of people.

Seeing is not believing

In an interview that he once gave on TV, the renowned late Ethiopian author Sibhat Gebregziabeher was asked if he feared death.

Hopeful home owners

The right for a decent shelter is a basic human right. People have the right to own property that they have hard earned as long as such property is lawfully obtained.

The will and the way

Recently, the biggest fruits and vegetables market that used to be located in the center of Piassa has been relocated to selected couple of sites located in the suburbs and outskirts of Addis Ababa.

Light at the end of the tunnel

The year 2020 has come to an end, leaving place to the year 2021, and to a fresh beginning. Our memories of 2020 will remain stained with the spread of the Corona virus, which has completely changed our lives for the worst.

The un-bankable youth

In one of my previous blogs, I wrote about the business of aid to stress the importance of looking for strategies that free Ethiopia from foreign aid.