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Just stop complaining!

The best strategy to avoid responsibility and blame is to make sure to find somebody else to blame. We all do it. The extent might differ, though.

Speech for the speechless

Few days ago, I heard on Sheger FM radio station about a lawyer who went out of his way to defend the rights of Addis Ababa’s residents that were victims of pollution caused by institutions nearby their homes.

News or bad news?

One of the key activities a person considered to be an adult is expected to do is to watch or read the news.

Rethinking titles

You know what I’m talking about. Titles such as Dr., Engineer, we love them in Ethiopia. There are people in this country who would sulk if you by mistake forget to mention their titles before their names.

Home for the elderlies

It is recent news that the elderly nursing home Mekedonia has acquired 10 thousand hectare of land from the administration of the city of Bahir Dar. Each time I hear about the amount of money that was raised by the public for the nursing home, and the sizes of land city administrations all over the country gave as gift to the home, I always go back and remember the interview that the founder once gave some years ago to the media.

Stop the preaching

​​​​​​​I remember growing up that putting on your car seat belt while driving was considered to be a sign of arrogance. I never really understood why people had that mentality.

Enemy of my enemy

There are people who become your friend for a particular reason. That reason can be some form of temporary gain, or a favor they would like to get out from you.

Moon houses

Back some time ago, there was a lot of complaint about the government demolishing illegal houses in Addis. I have to admit that I felt sad for the households that live in these houses.

Leaving the box

I love injera! For me, going a day without injera is like going a day without food. Honestly, I do not feel like I have eaten anything of substance if I did not have at least one ‘gursha’ of injera during the day.

Identity matters

I am currently in the middle of a book entitled in Amharic ‘Ametseganw Kiliss’ which literally translates to ‘The rebellious mixed-race boy’.