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Rule of majority

I am no politician but I sense that one of the characteristics of a democratic system is that it allows the majority to rule and be heard.


One of the biggest events that dominated international and local media was the presidential elections in the US. People followed the election developments as one would eagerly watch a breathtaking thriller full of suspense and unknown ends.

My way or the highway

I’ve written a blog on the roundtable in the previous week and I feel I should stress again the need for a compromise when it comes to solving a conflict between one or more parties through a roundtable discussion.  

The roundtable

How can one know what another person thinks about? Unless there are people out there who read minds, words are the only means to communicate our thoughts.

Greater than the Sum

Group work is not something that would cheer many of us Ethiopian students, I remember back as a student abroad. Sadly, that also included myself.

Reduce the number of people!

‘Today, I am going home by “Limo”’, we would say on days we would be taking a taxi to go home from school, back in high school. “Limo” is short for limousine, and is the term we would use to refer to the blue minibus taxis in Addis.

Silence is not gold!

Shyness and timidity are confused with politeness and well-manner in the Ethiopian culture. ‘Look at her, she is so quiet, polite and won’t dare look into people’s eyes when spoken to!’ people would say to encourage the shy girl who rarely speaks, or speaks only when spoken to.

The cost of transparency

One of the perks of the digital age is that one gets to stay at home or wherever they should be and browse the web to get all the information they need to make their purchase decisions.

More on Corona

So Meskel is finally going to be celebrate as usual this year. This time, the number of participants are going to be limited due to the Corona virus.

New Year resolution

I aspired to be inspired by inspirational people in the Ethiopian year 2012. That was my goal for the year, and even wrote a blog about it.