Sunday, September 24, 2023

Speak Your Mind

Indigenous social assets: treasures in extinction?

One of the greatest assets that we Ethiopians have is our social capital. In this country, you rarely feel lonely.

Fake is the new trend

The past few weeks were marked by wedding ceremonies all over the country. This period of the year (April and May in particular) are periods during which weddings traditionally take place.

Time management

One thing I have learned about time is that it does not have the same value and meaning to everyone and in every situation. Think about your busiest time for instance.
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Begging for your rights, begging for favors

Have you ever felt that you always need to beg and lament to get things done? Whether the thing is your right or a favor you are asking from a person, somehow things don’t get done for you without begging.

Growing up locally

I recently attended a FAO workshop where the theme of discussion was the launching of an agro-processing incubation park in Ethiopia.

Education that matters

One of my tasks at work involves reviewing literature, be it scientific or otherwise.
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A speech of hope

Many of us have been touched by the speech made by our newly appointed prime minister, Abiy Ahmed (PhD) in his address to the members of the parliament and to the millions of Ethiopians these represent.

New beginnings

New beginnings are always exciting. Anything new in fact promises a lot of exciting things. I remember back in day as a child, I used to eagerly long for the day my parents would buy me and my sister new clothes and shoes for school.


Back in the days (and maybe they still do it today) we use to have a year book in which we get to express our wishes and aspirations for the future.
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The changing role of women

Two weeks ago, we celebrated girls and women on March 8. Being a woman myself, I usually think about the changing role of women in today’s society and about the not-so-much changing perception that the society has about this changing role.
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Recent Politics

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