Saturday, June 3, 2023

Speak Your Mind

The youth today

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear adults complain about the many behaviors of today’s youths. The youths of today are usually characterized as having limited regard to Ethiopian cultural and social values.

The power of appreciation

This week I had the opportunity to meet and have an eye opening conversation with one of the readers of my articles.

Value for money

Have you ever felt that you need to beg to get a service or a good that you have actually paid for?
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The pursuit of absolute happiness

In moments of reflection about life, I usually wonder what one needs to be a happy person. Is it love? Wealth? Health? A sense of satisfaction with whatever we have? A combination of these? I honestly cannot say for sure.

The taboo of speaking your mind

On my way home last week, a radio program that raised the issue of students’ fear of oral participation during class lectures caught my attention.

No small contribution

A year or so back, I followed a program on Sheger FM about government primary school students in Addis Ababa who fainted during lectures or were unable to continue classes due to lack of food.
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Different is beautiful

We are all the same yet different. Our values, beliefs, likes, dislikes, thoughts and our behavior in general are the results of the complex interactions of societal and genetic factors to which we are exposed.

Broken promises?

The quote ‘Better a broken promise than none at all’ by Mark Twain got me wondering if most us would agree with such a claim.

Run away from home

The loss of hundreds of Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somali lives at the near end of the gruesome journey to the coasts of Italy was tragic news that crowded the media worldwide.
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Danger ahead!

A cousin of mine who came for a brief visit from abroad once said that a safe return home from a day spent out in Addis Ababa is yet another day survived from the dangers that corner the streets of the city.
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Recent Politics

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