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Celebration before action

Quotes, who doesn’t love them? It is their ability to capture our thoughts and moods on a particular day in just few words, and make us feel good about ourselves.

The power of recognition

The Bego Sew award that took place last Sunday is one of the few award ceremonies in Ethiopia that recognize people for their contributions and achievements in their respective areas of expertise.

Finding your fire

I think there are four kinds of people in the career world. And these are those who do what they love, those who learned to love what they do, those who are indifferent about what they do and those who hate what they do.

Planning to fail

Planning is something I have noticed to be a very difficult endeavor for many of us Ethiopians. I am sure there are people who are exceptions to this out there, so this statement may not apply to them.

Bouncing back

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt so down that you could not imagine ever bouncing back from your situation? It’s like you’ve suddenly been hit by a car and thrown into a deep and dark hole, but without being fortunate enough to die and therefore be painless.

Just do your part!

People worry all the time about the things they have control over as much as the things that they do not have control over. The irony is that worrying in both cases is useless.

To celebrate or not to celebrate

The last couple of weeks were times of graduations from public and private universities all over the country. Those of you who live in Addis might have been caught in a dense traffic of graduates around millennium hall in Bole.

First try it on your own!

I heard that there are people who make a business opportunity out of the laziness of students. Maybe you have also heard of these guys.

Outspoken and confident

Many of you might have heard about a guy named Samuel Zemikael who, few years back, was arrested for defrauding people and the media by claiming that his has a PhD degree and other degrees from local and foreign universities, that he is a successful businessman, and that he also got the chance to brush shoulders with renown politicians such as the Russian president Vladimir Putin. He held several interviews with the media claiming the title of ‘Dr Engineer’ and had the chance to make public lectures.

Summertime with voluntarism

Summertime is here, and school is over. For most of us, I believe that this is the childhood time that remains in our memories as we get older.