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No free lunch

I have always considered myself to be a person who would like to do favors to others.

The fast and easy way

Power blackout and then internet shut down. Do you ever wonder, ‘how long is this going to keep going on?’. Are these the only way out to our problems?

Money from abroad

Remittances sent from abroad significantly contribute to the replenishment of the much-depleted foreign currency reserves of the country.

Judging by the cover

They say never judge a book by its cover because a book is much more than its cover. I agree with this statement but also disagree with it at the same time.

Flawed performance measure

Almost a decade back, I used to work as a lecturer in a local university. And back then, I remember that of the main belief implicitly held among fellow lecturers to measure a lecturer’s performance was how difficult his or exam was, and more specifically, the number of students who failed at his or her exam.

Back to the old days

As we all know, since recently electric power is being supplied in shifts. Although power interruption is costing probably billions to the country, I like the idea of shifts than random interruptions.

New flower

Finally, a huge project to clean and beautify our new flower is about to become a reality.  The dirt and poor infrastructure in Addis have always been something that saddened me whenever I travelled in and out of the country.

Always have a plan B!

It’s just amazing how we can sometimes get used to being deprived of our basic necessities, which are also our rights as citizens. One such necessity is proper access to electric power.

So you think you know yourself?

People say a best friend is like a mirror. No matter what you would like yourself to look like, or no matter what you think you actually look like, a mirror never lies. It shows you exactly what you look like.

Free gift

They say that the most valuable things in life are free. From time, to the air we breathe and our loving families, we are given the most valuable but free things we cannot leave without.